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14 Reasons Why Your Aircon Is Not Cold and How You Can Fix It

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Being aware of why our aircon is not cold enough and how to resolve it helps ensure that your installed aircon blows out enough cold air during exceedingly warm weather. Moreover, you will be able to avoid aircon water leaks as well as reduce the need for aircon services such as an aircon gas top up. With that, here are reasons why your aircon is not cold enough and how you can fix it.


Aircon Not Cold Reasons

  1. Low Refrigerant Levels

Your aircon cools warm air by pumping it through the compressor into the evaporator coils. For this process to take place seamlessly, enough refrigerant is needed. In case they deplete over time, you will need to have an aircon gas top up conducted. Failure to do so will prevent your residential or commercial/industrial aircon from having enough cold air to distribute around your room.

  1. Blocked Air Filters


One possible reason why your aircon is not cold enough is dirt build-up on the air filters. When the air filters are blocked by dirt and debris, cold air is prevented from exiting the unit. To resolve this, open the aircon’s cover and remove all signs of dirt on the filters. You can contact an aircon maintenance company to assist you in case of difficulty.

  1. Dirty Condenser Coils

Dust and other forms of dirt can also accumulate on the aircon’s condenser especially if it is set up outdoors. Thus, it is important to wipe it during regular aircon cleaning so that it can continue to cool the air effectively. Filthy coils will only lower your aircon’s efficiency thereby preventing it from distributing enough cold air.

  1. Blocked Evaporator


The evaporator is a vital component of any aircon since it absorbs the heat therefore cooling the air. Thus, any damage it incurs can prevent the entire unit from releasing enough cold air. To avoid such a problem, have your unit undergo regular aircon servicing at least once a year as well as an aircon chemical overhaul. This will ensure that no dust or debris accumulates on it which might lead the evaporator coils to freeze.

  1. Refrigerant or Coolant Leaks

Damage on your aircon’s refrigerant coils can cause a sudden leak to take place. When this happens, the unit becomes unable to release adequate cold air. The only way to resolve it would be to have an air conditioning service repair the coils or replace them should their damage be too severe.

  1. Defective Thermostat

An aircon thermostat works by automatically adjusting the unit’s temperature to a comfortable level. As such, any damage it experiences can lead the installed aircon to expel air that is warmer than usual. In that case, you will need to contact an aircon servicing company to have your manual or programmable thermostat repaired or replaced.

  1. Damaged Capacitor


The capacitor is another vital component of any aircon. It functions by collecting electrical energy so that the aircon’s fan motor can begin to function properly. When it becomes damaged, not enough cold air is released from the unit and overheating can take place as well. To fix it, the entire aircon will need to be disassembled by a technician with the proper aircon repair tools. That way, they can properly identify the source of the capacitor’s damage.

  1. Broken Ductwork

Sometimes, ductwork may be damaged even if the aircon installation was recent as it was not done properly. Other times, broken ductwork happens as a result of perforation or blockage. An aircon technician’s services will be needed in order for it to be repaired.

  1. Defective Printed Circuit Board


If you feel that the aircon you have installed is blowing out air that is warmer than usual, be sure to examine its printed circuit board (PCB). This component works in tandem with the thermistor to monitor external temperature levels and transport electricity to the compressor. Thus, any damage it sustains can cause the entire aircon to malfunction. Have a technician repair it if that is the case.

  1. Broken Thermistor

If the aircon installed in your home happens to be electronic, try inspecting its thermistor if it does not seem to be cold enough. This is usually situated near the evaporator coils. Should it show any signs of damage, have an aircon repair or replacement done immediately.

  1. Defective Compressor

Although it is not very common, a broken compressor can also cause your aircon to not be cold enough. This is because any form of damage it has can make it difficult for the condenser to spread out adequate refrigerant between the inner and outer units.

  1. Damaged Fan Motor


If your Mitsubishi or Daikin aircon is able to release air but not in the proper directions, it is highly possible that its fan motor has incurred damage. You can confirm this by checking the indoor unit and listening for any buzzing sounds. You can also utilize a screwdriver to open the unit provided no vital aircon parts are damaged in the process. Should the fan motor show any signs of disrepair, have an aircon repair or replacement done as soon as you can.

  1. Frozen Condenser

The purpose of the condenser is to receive gas from the compressor and turn it into liquid. When it freezes, the entire unit will not be able to cool the warm air. Fortunately, having an aircon repair done on it can get your whole Panasonic or Mitsubishi aircon to work properly once more.

  1. Undersized Aircon

Some people purchase a Daikin or Panasonic aircon without taking its size into consideration. As a result, they end up installing one which is too small for their room and is not cold enough. This can be extremely discomforting and highly inconvenient. Thus, be sure to determine what size your room’s unit should be before having a commercial or HDB aircon installation done.

These are only some of the problems which causes an aircon not to have enough cold air. In case you wish to resolve them on your own, here are some guidelines you should follow.


Ways To Resolve Your Aircon Not Cold Issues


Check If Your Thermostat Is Functioning Properly

As mentioned, a home or office aircon may be unable to release adequate cold air due to its thermostat. In that case, check if it has been adjusted properly and if it has been installed in the right location. Otherwise, have a technician resolve the problem through an aircon repair or replacement.

Examine Your Unit’s Circuit Board


Another way to resolve your aircon not cold problems is by checking your aircon’s circuit board for possible wiring issues. Take note that these can also cause both the indoor and outdoor units to malfunction thereby hindering proper airflow. Have an aircon technician do an aircon repair should any such problems be present.

Clean Your Aircon Filters


To prevent dirt from building up on your aircon’s filters and causing an aircon not cold problem, make sure to have your aircon filters cleaned regularly. Otherwise, you may also end up facing issues like an aircon leak which can cause your unit to consume more power.

Check The Unit For Any Signs of Ice Build-up

Another potential reason for why the Daikin or Panasonic aircon you have installed does not have enough cold air is ice build-up on its inner components. This usually happens when the fan blower belt incurs damage or deteriorates. In that case, have an aircon service conduct an aircon repair or replacement as soon as possible.

How To Avoid Aircon Not Cold Issues

Many aircon producers claim that a well-made aircon that you buy should last for a long time. To ensure that your unit does not fall into disrepair quickly, keep the following in mind:

  • Make sure that your aircon undergoes cleaning and maintenance (annually if possible) so that none of its components incur any damage. Usually, this consists of component repair or replacement and cleaning.
  • Even if you feel that your installed aircon (be it a System 1 aircon or System 4 aircon) does not have any issues, ensure that it is examined monthly. This will ensure that it functions properly for a long period of time.



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