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Should I Repair Or Replace My Malfunctioning Aircon?

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It is important to know when you should call an aircon replacement or aircon repair company. With that knowledge, you would be able to stay comfortable even on the warmest of days. Therefore, we will explore a few scenarios to help you determine whether your unit may need to be repaired or if you should opt for an aircon installation with a new unit. Though, most of us are unaware how serious some aircon issues could be.

However, it is best to study if your unit can still function before deciding to repair the aircon. Some issues can cause certain units to stop working entirely.


Replace Your Aircon If It Has Been In Use For More Than 15 Years


In all cases, the most important thing to consider is the age of your aircon. This is the first thing you should consider before deciding to either repair or replace your aircon. Most aircons typically last about 10-15 years. Units that have been in service for longer periods should be replaced. This will incur less cost in the long run as continued usage would require more frequent aircon servicing and maintenance.


If your aircon is nearing the end of its lifespan, it would be best to replace it with a recent model. New units come with better features as well as being more user-friendly compared to older models. Moreover, they would require less maintenance than the current model. Look to seek help from a leading aircon installation service provider.


Replace Your Aircon If It’s Too Expensive To Repair


If frequent aircon emergencies and servicing is the norm, the better option would be to have your aircon unit replaced. The cost of constant repairs will add up and in the long run, it will be much more expensive than just replacing it. Severe issues such as constant aircon gas leaks could result in major accidents that will bring more harm than good. It is also not a given that these issues can be fixed completely.


However, the model chosen to replace the non-functioning aircon should be durable over the long term. This will get rid of the need for extensive aircon repairs as well provide you with the peace of mind. Safety will be guaranteed too as newer aircon models are less likely to experience severe issues such as a Mitsubishi Aircon.


Compare Your Current Aircon’s Repair Cost And Age With The Price Of A Replacement

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If your unit has been in use for a long time but does not need constant aircon servicing, then comparing its potential repair cost with the price of a newer model is an option. If repairing it proves to be more expensive, then it may be best to have your unit replaced. On top of that, an aircon replacement could bring about more advantages. It can impact aircon energy savings positively over the long run with better efficiency as well as better features for more comfort. A newer unit from a renowned aircon brand is recommended.



If you’re still unsure if you need an aircon repair or replacement, then don’t hesitate to contact us at Everyworks Singapore. With the professional help of our aircon servicemen, and reliable contractors, you can determine if your aircon requires certain services such as an aircon chemical overhaul. On top of that, you can get tips on aircon maintenance. For more information on the cost of installing aircon and aircon repairs, be sure to view our price list.


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