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Things To Take Note Of During Aircon Cleaning In Singapore

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Because your aircon is a  vital home appliance during hot and humid weather, It should be taken care of so that it does not break down. In this article, we show you some ways you can easily clean your aircon on your own without needing professional aircon servicing.  That way, you can reduce the need for aircon repairs.

Aircon cleaning requires some understanding on which parts of your aircon need close attention. Thus, Here is a quick guide on keeping your aircon clean so you can avoid issues like aircon not cold problems.


Air Filters


Any aircon servicing company in Singapore will tell you to clean the air filters first since it keeps away dust and other particles. Moreover, Dirty air filters can also cause aircon not to be cold. To clean your air filter, soak it in a container filled with equal parts of water and vinegar for a few hours. This helps to kill any germs or allergens that may negatively affect the air quality blown out by the aircon. Allow the filters to dry then put them back inside the aircon once they are done.




Condenser cleaning is an important part of aircon cleaning. You can use a vacuum cleaner to clean the outside of the condenser and then unhook the cover and do the same to the inside. Basic aircon repair tools such as a screwdriver may be required to remove the outer casing to allow you to have full access to the components for proper cleaning.


Individual Components

Chemical cleaning is an effective way of removing dirt, germs, and any other corrosive material that could damage your aircon. For this, we recommend that you engage an aircon servicing company. The process of an aircon chemical wash should be done by a skilled technician who can take out most parts of your aircon and clean each one separately and thoroughly using a chemical solution. This cleaning method is extremely effective for helping to prevent fungi and other microbial growth.  In case this fails, your unit might need an aircon chemical overhaul.



Remove the vent cover and clean the ducts thoroughly with a solution of vinegar and water. This removes any mold that might have grown in your aircon. You can also use a brush to scrub the surface to remove strongly adhered particles on the duct. Do not also forget to clean the walls and cover carefully. 


Outdoor Unit

Check the outdoor unit of your aircon and remove anything that is obstructing airflow, especially on the fans. You should also have a professional check the fan motors for cracks and chips which may indicate a needed fan motor replacement.



These are only some tips for doing your own aircon cleaning. If you are unsure or uncomfortable to do it yourself, do not hesitate to contact us at Everyworks Singapore. For more information on the cost of our aircon services, be sure to view our price list.


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This article was reproduced from DW Aircon Singapore.

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