Aircon Chemical Overhaul


Aircon Chemical Overhaul Services

Aircon Cleaning & Check-Up

  • Aircon Chemical Overhaul is different from an Aircon Chemical Wash as it involves dismantling the whole aircon unit to be thoroughly cleaned.
  • This is an even more intensive aircon cleaning work as dismantling the aircon unit parts ensure every component and part enjoys the deep cleaning.
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Aircon Chemical Overhaul Services

  • Our Aircon Chemical Overhaul services is a full and thorough process that includes:
  • Cleaning of aircon unit’s exterior components
  • Chemical flushing and vacuuming of the water drainage pipe
  • Gas Top Up (if needed)
  • Evaluating aircon’s blower fan motor and thermistor
  • Applying lubricants for smooth functionality Inspection of major electrical connections
  • Checking for uncommon noises or odours emitted
  • Ensuring no water leakages when in operation
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An Aircon Repair Method

  • When your aircon shows signs of failing like blowing warm air, or refuses to be turned on completely, our aircon specialists will recommend an Aircon Chemical Overhaul as a type of Aircon Repair.
  • After a thorough overhaul, our aircon technicians will only then be able to observe any other issues that the aircon unit may have.
  • They will then provide an on-site diagnosis and recommendation for you, and raise any concerns.
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In situations where normal aircon servicing will not suffice due to the age and condition of an aircon, most aircon companies would recommend a chemical overhaul.

Aircon chemical overhaul is carried out on air conditioners in order to restore their optimal performance. It also ensures that the aircon is thoroughly cleaned to avoid issues such as water leakage problems that lead to aircon repairs in the future.


What does Aircon Chemical Overhaul entail?

Unlike normal aircon servicing, aircon chemical overhaul offers a more thorough cleaning of your aircon unit. Our professional technicians cover the following steps when doing an aircon chemical overhaul:

  1. Fully uncoupling and dismantling of the aircon conditioning individual units.
  2. Cleaning of the air conditioning external panels and covers, including all covers and housing units to the sides, bottom, and top of the air conditioner.
  3. Chemical flushing/vacuuming of the water drainage pipe.
  4. Inspection of the refrigerant level and topping it up with refrigerant gas if deemed necessary (limited to 20 pressure point per unit).
  5. Evaluating the operating conditions of the air conditioner’s blower fan motor and thermistor as well as the application of lubricants for smoother functionality.
  6. Inspection of major electrical connections for safety and correct circuiting.
  7. Checking for causes of uncommon noises and/or odour generated during the operation of air conditioners.
  8. Ensuring that no water leakage problem occurs when the aircon is operating.

Advantages of aircon chemical overhaul

After an aircon chemical overhaul, your aircon unit should be able to produce cleaner and stronger air flow and at the same time saving on electricity bills because of its improved efficiency.

Why is Aircon Chemical Overhaul Price in Singapore higher than regular Aircon cleaning and Aircon Chemical Wash?

An aircon chemical overhaul costs more than normal aircon servicing as it involves more thorough cleaning that improves your unit’s performance, making it look and feel brand new.

Difference Between Aircon Chemical Servicing and Aircon Chemical Overhaul

There are many ways to service your aircon but we will be looking at two methods that sometimes get confused from each other: aircon chemical wash and aircon chemical overhaul.

Aircon chemical cleaning

This is normally done monthly for aircons used for offices and commercial centres. Aircon chemical involves cleaning the front panel, replacing the air filter and washing it to remove all the dirt, debris and any other substances that may be trapped there. These are processes that normal cleaning cannot achieve. This is where chemical cleaning in Singapore comes in, to do a more thorough cleaning of your aircon unit.

Aircon chemical washing makes use of several special chemical cleaning agents and water that are used to wash the aircon unit. Vacuuming of the aircon unit will also ensure the aircon unit is left dry and clear out any more dust particles or dirt. Unlike aircon chemical overhaul services, the aircon unit does not have to be dismantled.

Chemical cleaning in Singapore is much cheaper than buying a new aircon or paying for aircon repairs if it breaks down. Aircon chemical washing price is also much lower than that of aircon chemical overhaul in Singapore.

Aircon chemical Overhaul

Aircon chemical overhaul is normally done as a repair measure to correct poor performance of an air conditioner. An aircon chemical overhaul service is also done when there has been no improvement after a chemical cleaning.

This process involves taking the entire air conditioner to pieces and thoroughly cleaning every part of it with a strong chemical solution. This chemical cleaning service will clear the air filters of any stubborn dirt and ensure the smooth flow of air through the vents.

The fans, ball joints and other parts will be thoroughly cleaned and inspected for wear and tear. Faulty parts will be replaced and the refrigerant gas will be topped up. As the separate important pieces of the aircon are washed separately, it is also a good opportunity to replace worn out or faulty parts of the air conditioner.

One of the advantages of an aircon chemical overhaul is that it is effective on aircons that have not been serviced in a very long time and are extremely dirty.

What is included in a General Aircon Servicing?

Everyworks Singapore offers more than just normal aircon cleaning. Our professional AC servicing includes cleaning of aircon front covers, filters, evaporator fin, drainage tray, and blower wheel as well as vacuuming of the water drainage pipe. In addition, we also conduct a routine check for the following:

  • All electrical components
  • Controller
  • Thermistor
  • Swing motor
  • Uncommon noise problem
  • Water leakage problem
  • Odour from aircon breeze
  • Test blower air flow level
  • Test air flow temperature level

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