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Introduction to Basic Aircon Repair Tools

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When it comes to aircon repair, you will likely contact a Singapore aircon servicing company to get the best service. However, not all issues require professional help, as some minor tasks can be handled by you easily, provided you have the right aircon repair tools on hand and guidance from online tutorials.

Here is a list of the basic aircon repair tools that are used by most reputed aircon companies in Singapore.


  1. Electric Drill

Among the aircon repair tools, the electric drill is most essential. It is versatile and used for many purposes, from drilling to replacing fan motor or for making holes on the walls for anchor bolts. You must use 18V at least. This electric drill requires a charger and two batteries. High-quality drills will be costly but it is worth the spend as it is more durable, long-lasting and performs better than a cheap one.


  1. Pliers

In addition, you will need pliers when you start repairing the aircon, especially to remove clips from any tight spaces of the aircon. You may choose to buy a complete set of pliers, but a basic requirement would be the long nose plier- the one with a long, pointed nose.


  1. Sawzall

A Sawzall is versatile and you can perform almost any task during an aircon emergency, depending on the type of blade you use. It is important to invest in one that is durable, and comes with a charger to keep the batteries charged. We recommend investing in a quick release blade system.


  1. Tube Cutter

All types of aircon have internal tubes, so if you need to repair the copper tube you will need a tube cutter. The tube will be around an eight inch to half inch in diameter. You can adjust the cutter to cut tubes of any size diameter easily. However, take note that excess pressure may damage the copper, so you need to be very careful while cutting the tubes.


  1. Screw Drivers

Most essential tool for any DIY project. Most aircon repair in Singapore will require different types of screw drivers for opening the nut bolts. They are available in different sizes and shapes. It is best to use screw drivers with insulated handles to protect yourself from any kind of shock. For aircon repair, the most effective screw drivers are the 3/16 inch and the 1/8 inch ones.



  1. Copper tube bender

In order to bend the copper tubes in your system 1 aircon pipes nicely you will require a copper tube bender. This tool will have 3 size molded round wheels and it helps in molding the copper tube without any chances of cracks.


  1. Measuring tape

You will need a measuring tape, be it for measuring the length of the aircon piping or the volume of room. It is a basic requirement that can be used to measure anything in general. We recommend a steel measuring tape as it is durable and long-lasting. Ideally, the length of the tape measure should be at least 7m.





  1. Allen Wrench

If you have window style aircon, this is a tool that will be needed for removing parts such as aircon fan coil. It is an angled hexagonal tool made of hardened steel.




  1. Hexa-Head Nut Drivers

The nut drivers come in handy when you need to remove or drive any hex bolts. They are most helpful when you have to remove nuts from a deep-seated place. They can also be used to close the lid of your Daikin aircon once you’re done you’re your works. For repairing your aircon system, you will need a 5/16 inch, 3/8 inch and ¼ inch sizes.


  1. Lever

You will require a lever for different aircon works– such as replacing aircon fan coil and so on. A magnetic lever is a good choice as it allows you to work freely while you are levelling.


  1. Electrical Testers

While repairing the aircon you will be working with electricity, such as an aircon isolator replacement – so it is a must that you have electric testers. Before you start working you should always test the electricity condition using an electric tester.


  1. Various other tools

Apart from the tools mentioned above, there are other tools that will come handy when you’re repairing the aircon or just inspecting based on possible aircon repair symptoms. Examples of such tools are Domestic AC/Fuel disconnect set, universal valve core remover, adapter fittings, and tube service kit for removing or working with any kind of tubes.




These are the common tools used by our professional aircon specialists. Always handle the tools with care. A step by step guide can guide you for minor repairs, but if the issue is too big or complicated, feel free to contact Everyworks Singapore. Our professional aircon specialists are ready to advise and assist you with the necessary works needed to repair your aircon.

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This article was reproduced from DW Aircon Servicing Singapore.

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