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Factors to Consider when Engaging an Aircon Maintenance Company in Singapore

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Air conditioners are an important investment in many homes. With Singapore’s humid weather conditions, it is no surprise that many Singaporeans rely heavily on air conditioners to cool their homes. If you are searching for a reputable aircon service company in Singapore, these are few things you must keep in mind:


#1 Have Basic Knowledge of the Aircon

You must first be familiar with the aircon unit that you possess. From the type of aircon to its model, brand and history (related to previous maintenance), these are just some of the aircon servicing tips you need to take note. Should there be any problems with the device, do your research to better identify the issues before approaching any aircon maintenance company. That way, you are able to explain your worries to the aircon maintenance company and they are able to help you better.

Take Away Tip: Help to speed up the process by getting the basics in check. Never attempt to fix your own aircon if you have zero idea of what is going on.















#2 Search for Aircon Servicing Companies

Search for credible aircon maintenance companies within your vicinity. You will be spoilt for choice as hundreds of options are available on the Internet. Look out for online reviews offering details about real-time experiences. Through these reviews, you are able to learn about the quality of service they provide. These reviews would come in handy for you when narrowing down the aircon maintenance companies you would want to engage. Alternatively, you could ask the people closest to you such as friends and families for recommendations.

Take Away Tip: Reviews are written by customers with real experiences! Rarely can a review go wrong or inaccurate! Remember, reviews are written for a reason.












#3 Look for Experience

Save your money for aircon maintenance companies that can guarantee you excellent service. Always verify the contractor’s experience and you can do so by visiting their website or by calling in. Here are few important questions you must raise during the discussion:

  1. What are some experiences you had with this particular (aircon) issue?
  2. What other aircon services do you offer?
  3. Do you specialise in any particular aircon brand?
  4. Do you have any customer’s reviews or testimonial in public?
  • Take Away Tip: Always hire full-time, professional contractors with guaranteed experience.















These are just the 3 simple but crucial things when hiring an aircon maintenance company in Singapore. You should also avoid common mistakes made when engaging an air conditioning service to minimise time wastage and find the best aircon company out there. Everyworks Aircon Servicing Singapore will be at your service should you need your air conditioners fixed.

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