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Why Is My Air Conditioner Not Cold?

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Modern air conditioners are considered necessary in most offices, commercial buildings, homes, and even schools. That said, many aircon owners fail to have their units undergo regular aircon servicing. As a result, they end up experiencing common aircon issues such as decreased coldness.


Before contacting aircon repair services to resolve your unit’s lack of coldness, you might want to study its cause to prevent it from recurring. In line with that, here are some possible reasons for why your aircon may not be cold enough:



Faulty Compressor

The compressor is one the most important components of any aircon unit and serves to spread cold air around your room. As a result, any damage caused to it can lead to decreased coolness. If you think your aircon compressor might be broken, contact a professional aircon servicing company to have it fixed immediately.



Dirty Air Filters


Whether it be a residential, or commercial/industrial aircon, regularly maintaining and cleaning an aircon especially its air filters is a must. In fact, most aircon servicing companies recommend you to do it on a monthly basis. Otherwise, dirt can accumulate thereby restricting air flow and causing your unit to lose its coldness.



Faulty Fan 

Like air filters, dirt and other residue can build up on your aircon’s fan motor after a long period of usage. When this happens, your entire aircon unit can lose its coldness. To prevent this, engage a professional aircon service to have your aircon fan motor repaired or replaced.



Low Aircon Gas


Aircons consist of components called refrigerants which contain coolant liquid. This liquid is pumped by the unit’s compressor into the evaporator coils so that cold air is distributed. There are times when it can deplete, which can cause your unit’s air to be warmer than usual. In that case, contact aircon services to perform an aircon gas top up to restore your unit’s coldness.



Refrigerant Leak

A simple depletion of your aircon’s refrigerant levels can be resolved via an aircon gas top up. However, there might be times when the refrigerants actually incur an aircon leak thereby causing a heavy amount of coolant liquid to seep out. The only viable way to handle this aircon emergency would be to have aircon services replace the refrigerants entirely.



Clogged Condenser Coils


Condenser coils are meant to dissipate heat from the aircon compressor. However, dirt can eventually build up on them which can cause decreased coldness. To resolve this, simply engage with an aircon servicing company to have the condenser coils cleaned up.



Frozen Evaporator Coils


Evaporator coils receive the chilled refrigerant from the condenser coils thereby allowing cold air to be distributed. Like other aircon components however, they can become clogged and may even freeze as a result. Should you experience this issue with your home or office aircon, immediately contact a professional to have an aircon repair done quickly.




Now that you know about some reasons for why an aircon might not be cold, you’ll be able to diagnose the cause in case you struggle with such an issue. If you continue to experience difficulty however, feel free to contact Everyworks Singapore. Our professional servicemen can ensure that your aircon’s coldness is restored as quickly as possible. For more information on our aircon services, make sure to view our price list.


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