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Always experiencing recurring aircon problems? It’s high time that you opt for regular aircon servicing to ensure optimal performance of your AC unit.

Most homes and offices in Singapore rely on air conditioners to provide a more conducive environment. However, aircon owners often overlook the fact that their AC units still need regular aircon servicing in order to function efficiently, despite several myths you’ve heard about it.

You might be tempted to conduct your own aircon maintenance, but it is better to work with a reputable and trusted aircon servicing company like Everyworks Singapore Aircon Servicing to ensure proper and quality service. Sometimes your air conditioner is already faulty and servicing it will not help, in such cases you should request for Aircon Repair Services.

Odorous Smell

  • If you smell something like smelly socks coming from your air conditioner unit, it is a sign your aircon needs to undergo an aircon servicing.
  • There are many reasons behind a smelly air conditioning unit. In order to ensure that such cases are prevented, regular aircon servicing is advised to inspect any leakages or remove any accumulated dust in the unit.

Warm Air or Noisy Air Conditioner

  • Noise coming from an air conditioning unit might be a sign of a variety of aircon problems.
  • Poor cooling performance also signals that it is time to contact Everyworks aircon servicing to ensure that it is functioning properly.

Aircon Leaking Water

  • Noticed that your aircon is leaking water either from the front or from the back?
  • Aircon leaking could be due to frozen evaporator coils that melt,  blocked aircon pipe or a full drainage tray. Aircon leaks can also be a sign of more underlying aircon issues.
  • Call an aircon technician to come check out what is causing your aircon leak.


Aircon Filter Cleaning & Sanitising

Aircon filters are the first line of defense to having clean, fresh-smelling air. We chemically clean your aircon filters of the trapped micro-dust particles and allergens, leaving your room with stronger cooling of crisp, clean air.

Evaporator & Condenser Coil Cleaning

The evaporator and condenser coils are responsible for cooling the warm air that is introduced into your aircon unit. We thoroughly clean it to remove dirt and dust from it, making it operate optimally for greater energy-savings.

Drainage Tray Treatment

A drainage tray collected condensate from the aircon, and is prone to corrosion due to it being metal. Proper maintenance of it will lead to a longer lifespan of your aircon, and prevent aircon leaks.

Front Panel Outer Casing

We will wash your aircon unit including the front cover panels, which may be difficult and bulky to remove depending on which aircon model you are using.

Blower Wheel Servicing

A healthy and clean blower wheel ensures that you have strong airflow to cool down your room at a speedy rate. We help you clean this aircon part, so you can enjoy stronger cooling in your home, using less energy.

Vacuuming of Aircon Pipe

To prevent any dirt or debris from clogging the aircon drain pipe, leading to a backflow of condensate water, we also use wet/dry power vacuum to clean up your drainage pipe.

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Why Should I Regularly Do Aircon Servicing?
Signs That Your Aircon Needs Servicing
How Often Should I Service My Aircon?
How Much Is Your Aircon Servicing?

Customer Reviews About Our Aircon Services

Christopher Amhoff
Christopher Amhoff
03:07 18 Sep 20
The team that come to maintain and fix our aircon are very good. Always arrive at the time agreed, never any hidden costs and they work very fast and don't leave any mess. After conducting the work the workmen explain what's happened and what I need to do to maintain and they offer a guarantee post service.I would highly recommend them
Luca Sim
Luca Sim
17:19 01 Sep 20
After contacting DW Aircon, I got a really quick reply from the support team. They promptly assigned some guys to my place and they did a better job than expected. They checked my aircon and did a great job in repairing it. Though the price for servicing was higher than I thought, I wouldn't hesitate to contact them again.
Tan Wan Qiang
Tan Wan Qiang
06:50 01 Sep 20
My system 3 aircon was fixed by the most reasonable and friendly servicemen around. Thanks so much guys!
Freddy Mak
Freddy Mak
08:27 31 Aug 20
The service staff was on his last shift of his day and yet managed his good work in keeping my aircon units clean safe and efficient. He updated on the condition of each unit and its frequency of usage which I found them useful. These advices have also allowed me to monitor them going forward so that the units can be kept up for longer shelf life. Looking forward to the next servicing appointment!
Yap Zhuang Chen
Yap Zhuang Chen
16:59 29 Aug 20
I really appreciated their professional and skilled aircon servicemen. Thanks.
Maryam G
Maryam G
16:52 28 Aug 20
Besides the very efficient service, I should also commend the incredibly friendly servicemen who fixed my aircon. Good job guys!
Riley Lau
Riley Lau
16:25 26 Aug 20
I was really impressed with their service. I managed to communicate clearly with the guys assigned to set an appointment. More than that, the serviceman assigned to me was really considerate in that he made sure to examine my aircon thoroughly and explained every single issue carefully. Because of this, I'd definitely recommend them to anyone struggling with aircon issues.
Millie Phua
Millie Phua
15:16 25 Aug 20
Had a really good experience with them. The lady who answered my call was really friendly and was able to send a team the same morning. They arrived on time and were really nice and efficient. Moreover, they diagnosed the aircon problem quickly and carefully explained every piece of information that they could. After doing the job, they even made sure to clean up. Excellent job!!
Scott Lim
Scott Lim
00:33 22 Aug 20
My experience with them was great. The guy assigned were very friendly and serviced my aircons extremely efficiently. As a result, I was more than willing to have an quarterly contract with them.
Kieran Wee
Kieran Wee
01:02 17 Aug 20
The aircon servicemen were really reliable and rendered excellent service at a fair price. Would definitely engage them again.
Liam Tan
Liam Tan
19:39 15 Aug 20
Besides commending their great service, I also want to add that their aircon servicemen were really polite. Nice job guys!
Roy Goh
Roy Goh
02:21 15 Aug 20
This is a review of my experience with DW Aircon. I was assisted by a Ms Lim and she is very helpful and polite. She ensured that all my queations are answered and provided all relevant details in a easy to understand manner. Mr Raju and Mr Ramesh attended to me and they did such a wonderful job in cleaning one of my aircon unit that i signed a quarterly servicing package with them on the spot. Summary of my experience with DW 1) They are honest and transparent with the cost. All items are clearly explained and in addition, Ms Lim is very patient. 2) Ms Lim gave me updates (with video) so i know what is happening. 3) Mr Raju and Mr Ramesh recommended only what i need to do and they are very genuine. I wish i have found DW Aircon much earlier. The customer service def deserved a 5 stars rating!Updates on my second servicing on 20 Dec 2018I received a gentle reminder that my next air con servicing is due and as usual, they are very customer service oriented. Scheduled me on 20 dec and the job was well executed. 👍On the following day, i received another message asking me on whether i am satisfied with the job. Of course i gave my thumbs up and they are the BEST air con folks that i can find so far. Keep it up guys!Updates on DW Air-con service after engaging them for the fifth time on 17 Dec 2019.This is my fifth servicing contract with DW Aircon and they have consistently maintained the excellent customer service and follow up. I know that i will be using them for the long term!This is my 8th servicing and the service is consistently good. Keep up the good work!
Megaduta Pandey
Megaduta Pandey
00:33 15 Aug 20
I was really satisfied with the technician who managed to clean up my aircon efficiently. Great work!
Albi Mac
Albi Mac
17:16 13 Aug 20
Aircon serviceman came on time and gave really fair prices. Among all the aircon servicemen I've come in contact with, he was one of the best. Highly recommended!
Avery Teyew
Avery Teyew
07:18 13 Aug 20
Customer service is excellent. Technician who come to assess the aircon is efficient and good experience.
Shao Wei Tan
Shao Wei Tan
15:40 07 Aug 20
Response was really quick and the aircon crew was professional and very courteous. Would call them again.
Adrian Goh
Adrian Goh
11:25 04 Oct 19
Highly recommended. The aircon specialist arrived on time and hit the ground running. He was very polite and professional, sharing tips and tricks along the way on basic maintenance of the aircon as he dismantled cleaned and reassembled both split units. Look no further, these guys are the best.Thank you Pandi for the job well done and the valuable insight shared. big shoutout to Everworks Singapore for a wonderful experience.
HueyTing Eng
HueyTing Eng
03:05 04 Aug 19
Great service!! Quick & efficient. Chanced upon when I googled and decided to give a try to fix my aircon problem. Admin lady was quick and helpful to fix an appointment for me. Technicians arrived on the dot. Giving professional advice and proceed with servicing. All are done within an hour. Thank you so much. Will sure recommend for others 👍👍
Ahboon T Yuwen
Ahboon T Yuwen
05:50 01 Aug 19
Its the second time i hire them for aircon servicing! Very fast and prompt response! Good and efficient service from both company and Rajan! Will definitely recommend to friends and family! Thumbs up 👍🏻
Olivia Loh Ing
Olivia Loh Ing
03:44 31 Jul 19
5 STARS! Miss Lim, who does the admin and scheduling, has managed my account wonderfully over the past year. Always friendly and polite, she's put up with my rescheduling due to work travel with efficiency and excellent customer service. This is the 4th aircon svc company I've used in Singapore and will stick with them. Best of all, no constant upselling! I'd also like to compliment serviceperson Rajes for being efficient, and knowledgeable, and helpful, even when he had to work solo! Highly recommended!
Raymond Ting
Raymond Ting
13:48 01 Jul 19
First time engaging DW to service my aircon. Will definitely recommend them to my friends and continue engaging them in my future servicing. Reasonable pricing and staff with excellent service.
Ha-arh James Koh
Ha-arh James Koh
02:48 27 Mar 19
The aircon service arranged two days ago, and today the technician came to service with punctuality time arranged, a great technician working efficiently and detected the cause of the problems & recommendation how to do routine maintenance to keep aircon in perfect condition,... GREAT JOB...
Hanqing Toh
Hanqing Toh
15:58 19 Jan 19
DW is truly my saviour after a horrible couple of weeks! Long story short - i originally called another company (A*ple) to do a chemical wash for my aircon, and they managed to short-circut the wiring to my aircon, spoil the connectors on my compressor and refused to answer my calls after that - all these happened in 2 weeks. The most unprofessional company-I will see how I can sue them for damages. At my wits end, i called Daylight electrician who help link me up with DW as well, and within 2 trips in 3 days, they managed to solve the wiring problem, fix the compressor, AND clean my aircon. Awesome customer service all around! Ms Lim - excellent communications, friendly, fast, humorous and positive and it was reassuring that she was always on the ball. Raju and Ramesh - very professional, competent and dedicated. On the last day, they stayed back an extra 2 hours as they kept testing my aircon to see that everything worked well. Thanks to the awesome team at DW Aircon Servicing, my aircon is working better than ever. Would highly recommend DW to everyone!
Wan Rais
Wan Rais
16:22 31 Oct 18
Did my aircon service, first impression will always last. The 2 working men came and rectify the problem when they look at my aircon, update me briefly and proceed with their work. Perhaps their years of experience with servicing aircon makes the work goes smooth to ensure the aircon is cool and clean. With also a very reasonable pricing, will for sure engage them again for the nxt aircon servicing.. thank you Mr Dhanabal & Mr Ramadoss for your work on servicing my aircon.
Jaclyn Tan
Jaclyn Tan
11:53 28 Jul 18
Chanced upon DW aircon servicing while goggle searching and decided to give it a shot to address my aircon problem. Response time by their staff, Ms Lim is quick and she is extremely helpful and patient to answer all my queries. The technicians were dispatched within a few days to do trouble-shooting. The subsequent arrangement for replacing my aircon system were also done professionally and efficently. I am extremely satisfied with their service. Thank you so much.
Rien Wijaya
Rien Wijaya
04:20 06 Jul 18
Very Responsive, quick, clean, fast, super professional.. Called them and straight away the rescue team come to fix my aircon problem.. Highly recommended. Will definitely call them again.
Mylene Ng
Mylene Ng
17:18 05 May 18
EXCELLENT service! QUICK, EFFICIENT & RELIABLE👍The aircon technicians were able to detect the prob of my aircon instantly & with confidence fixed it right away. From the time I phoned DW Aircon to the time the issue was fixed, it was an amazingly short time. Not only am I a happy customer, I am thankful too. I will not hesitate to recommend DW Aircon to friends.
HueySun Toh
HueySun Toh
11:29 09 Apr 18
excellent services and workmanship for servicing of our aircons
Gloria Yee
Gloria Yee
06:02 03 Feb 18
Price is reasonable given the fact that the water heater is not easily installed due to the aircon pipes are blocking the way & I was told beforehand that there maybe a risk of breaking the sink when the contractor, Mr Oh came on the day of installation. However, he managed to perform everything smoothly & efficiently without breaking the sink. Thank you Mr Oh. You've perform a good job indeed! I will definitely engage your services next time whenever I need. 🙂
Next Reviews









Benefits of Regular Aircon Servicing

Air conditioner owners might not often opt for aircon servicing in Singapore, especially when their AC unit shows no signs of damage. However, a seemingly perfect AC unit still needs regular aircon maintenance.

Not convinced? Here are some benefits of regular aircon servicing.:

Improved Efficiency and Performance
It is known that one year without aircon maintenance can decrease an air conditioning unit’s efficiency by 5%. This is why it is essential to hire a trusted and professional aircon technician to conduct regular aircon servicing.

Lower Electricity Bills
One of the most common aircon energy saving tips is to do regular aircon servicing. With routine aircon servicing, AC units consume less energy to operate at an optimal level. Hence, you’ll also get to enjoy lower electricity bills in the long run. To enjoy even more savings, you can enjoy a quarterly aircon servicing subscription at an attractive deal from DW Aircon, our exclusive Everyworks Singapore partner!

Cheaper Repair Costs
High performing air conditioning unit that is regularly maintained can prevent major aircon problems, such as leakages, that may lead to costly AC repairs. Take for example if you signed up for our quarterly aircon servicing subscription, you would have spent a total of $105 per year instead of $190 on an aircon chemical overhaul repair.











Cleaner Air
Most aircon servicing routines include a thorough cleaning of air filters that have accumulated dust and pollutants over a period of time. Clean air filters ensure healthy air circulation indoors, which then prevents any spread of bacteria that can trigger health issues such as allergies.

Prevent Bad Odours
Bad odours usually result from the accumulation of bacteria in an air conditioning unit. This can easily be prevented by regular aircon servicing done by a trusted and professional aircon technician.

Longer Life Span
Regular aircon servicing not only prevents the spread of diseases, but it also guarantees a longer lifespan for your air conditioning unit. Aircon maintenance usually involves routine checks ensuring that every part of the AC unit is working properly. Through such inspections, small issues can immediately be fixed, which then improves the performance of your air conditioning unit.

More Environmentally-Friendly
With regular aircon servicing, refrigerant leaks that release harmful greenhouse gases and promote global warming can be prevented. Not only can you save money on aircon repair costs, but you’ll also be able to protect the environment. Be sure to contact an experienced and professional aircon technician for quality aircon servicing!










Signs That Your Aircon Needs to Undergo Aircon Servicing in Singapore

Noticing certain malfunctions? Here are some signs showing that you need to conduct regularly aircon servicing for your unit.


Generating Noise
Noise coming from an air conditioning unit might be a sign of a variety of aircon problems. Don’t delay aircon servicing once your notice any strange sounds from your AC unit.

Poor Cooling Performance
If your aircon unit is no longer generating cold air like before, then it is time to contact a professional aircon servicing company to ensure that it is functioning properly.

Sudden Shut Downs
Loose wirings, a dirty evaporator and unit, as well as a frozen compressor, can lead to sudden shut downs. Such problems can be prevented when aircon servicing is done regularly.

Bad Odour
There are many reasons behind a smelly air conditioning unit. In order to ensure that such cases are prevented, regular aircon servicing is advised to inspect any leakages or remove any accumulated dust in the unit.

Higher Electricity Bills
If you’re noticing a surge in your electricity bills, then it might be caused by a malfunctioning aircon that operates inefficiently. It is important to immediately contact a professional aircon technician to conduct the aircon servicing.



What Is Included In A General Aircon Servicing?

Everyworks Singapore offers more than just normal aircon cleaning. Our professional AC servicing includes cleaning of aircon front covers, filters, evaporator fin, drainage tray, and blower wheel as well as vacuuming of the water drainage pipe. In addition, we also conduct a routine check for the following:

All electrical components
Swing motor
Uncommon noise problem
Water leakage problem
Odour from aircon breeze
Test blower air flow level
Test air flow temperature level

Everyworks Aircon Servicing Singapore provides the most affordable prices.

Now that you need to engage an aircon service company, who do you choose? Simply avoid these 3 common mistakes people make when looking for an aircon contractor:


1.  Irregular Maintenance Program

The common mistake people make is not having a regular aircon maintenance program or aircon service contract to regularly clean your unit. Depending on the usage frequency, it is best to do quarterly servicing. Lack of aircon maintenance will reduce its shelf life and eventually aircon servicing and maintenance cost will be too high, causing you to spend over budget.

2. Choosing an Unlicensed Air Conditioning Service Company:

When hiring someone for home air conditioning services such as an aircon chemical overhaul, you should ensure the service provider has a legitimate license. That license proves that the technicians are skilled to perform aircon repair and maintenance works. An unlicensed technician may not produce the quality you are looking for.


3. Hiring an Uninsured Aircon Contractor

Your chosen aircon repair contractor should produce you with an aircon contract that ensures you are insured should they end up damaging your property. If you sign a contract that is not insured, the aircon contractor company is not liable for paying the damages they caused to your air conditioning unit during repair works. It will not only become a cause of a major breakdown but also increase your aircon repair bills.



Common Aircon Issues You Might Face

Though aircons are considered an essential electronic appliance in most Singapore households, not many homeowners know how to care for their air conditioning units and consequently face common aircon issues.  Are you facing any of these issues below?

  • Aircon unable to switch on
  • Unable to cool the room
  • Aircon starts to heat up

If you face any of these issues below, here is how you can troubleshoot and fix them, or immediately call an aircon repair contractor for assistance.



Energy-Saving Tips For Your Aircon

In Singapore, the electricity consumed by aircon contributes to a big part to the month utility bills we receive, on top of water supply and other bills. Thus,  here are some ways you can save on energy used by your aircon.


1. Reduce the amount of aircon usage

Besides only turning on your aircon when you really need it (such as only for sleep), you can set the temperature to be above 25 degrees celsius, set a timer to switch off the aircon after a certain length of time, or switch to fan mode instead of cool mode after the room is adequately cooled down.


2. Purchase an energy efficient aircon unit

When choosing what aircon system to install,  it is easy to know which are energy-efficient just by looking out for the NEA 5 ticks rating. They may cost a little more than a 2-tick rated aircon, but you will save on your energy bills in the long run.  It is important to look out for aircons with more ticks as these can drastically make a difference in your monthly utility billing.

3. Regular aircon servicing

Having your aircon regularly serviced will ensure that your aircon is running at optimal efficiency, increasing its lifespan. Aircon servicing in Singapore is relatively affordable,
and having an aircon servicing contract will make it more economical and considerate for you aircon maintenance in Singapore.



Case Study

Aircon Chemical Overhaul and Aircon Servicing in Singapore Landed – Clementi











Aircon Chemical Overhaul and Aircon Servicing in Singapore HDB – Tiong Bahru




















Aircon Leak Repair in Singapore Commercial – Dempsey Road