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How to Handle an Aircon Emergency

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When you live in a country like Singapore, having air conditioners are an important asset to your home. So many homeowners use their air conditioners frequently but neglect when it comes to aircon servicing. If not cared for properly, your aircon unit is bound to break down. The first thing you should do is to call an air conditioning service company. In the meantime, here is what you can do.


#1 Inspect the Circuit Breaker

The aircon circuit breaker acts as a safety switch that prevents your system from being damaged. Check your air conditioner’s circuit breaker the moment your aircon stops functioning as this could be the main reason behind the unexpected blackout. Lookout for any flipped switches when inspecting but be wary as these breakers can blow at unexpected times. During this aircon emergency, stay calm and get on the phone with an aircon servicing expert to explain the situation you are in.


















#2 Never Engage in DIY

Most homeowners attempt to fix their air conditioners by following online guidelines and tutorials. These DIY efforts may or may not work but in instances where it does not, it could be dangerous for you and others. Moreover, you might just end up spending an extra amount for the DIY repair work that you failed to do. Leave it in the hands of the professional like Everyworks Aircon Servicing Singapore who are able to get the job done efficiently.


#3 Understand the Current Situation

If you are dealing with a non-working aircon during odd hours, we reckon that you be prepared for the worst. Keep calm and weigh out your options. Since this is an aircon emergency, you would need to engage an aircon service company that caters to aircon emergency. However, note that businesses might charge an extra amount especially when your aircon experiences a break down at odd hours. Alternatively, you could wait till the next working day to call in and get your aircon inspected and serviced at a more reasonable rate.



#4 Engage an Aircon Contractor

When you are ready, look for a reliable and credible aircon service company to help with your aircon repair. There are many factors to consider when engaging an aircon service company and you should avoid common mistakes when engaging them to get the best service there is out there. Conduct your own research and look out for reviews and recommendations from others. The aircon contractors that you engage should be highly skilled in their area of expertise.


Whether a heavy aircon user or not, you still need to care for your air conditioners especially with aircon parts that require frequent servicing. The most common aircon servicing includes an aircon chemical overhaul in residential areas to ensure it continues running for a long time. Unexpected situations such as an aircon break down during odd hours could be a hassle as this could cause a disrupted sleep. You can avoid such instances by doing quarterly servicing and engaging a professional such as Everyworks Aircon Servicing Singapore to do the work.

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