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Water Pipe Leak, Water Heater Leak And Other Common Water Leakages

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Water leaks are a common issue faced by many homeowners in Singapore. These can manifest in a variety of ways such as water pipe leaks and water heater leaks. To have your water leaks resolved quickly and to prevent other plumbing issues from happening, it’s important to know where they’re occurring. Thus, here is a list of some common water leak types:


Leaking Faucets


Leaking taps can occur as a result of a worn-out rubber washer. In order to resolve them, make sure to replace your washer as soon as possible. You can do this by first disabling the water supply beneath your sink through the main shut-off valve, then removing the handle. Afterwards, install your new rubber washer. If you face difficulty with this process however, then don’t hesitate to contact a professional plumber to help you out.


Damaged Toilet Flapper


Plumbing leaks can sometimes occur due to a worn-out or improperly installed flapper in your toilet’s tank. This refers to the rubber valve situated at the bottom of the tank which rises during flushing. When this incurs cracks or any other damage, water is supplied endlessly into the tank which can cause it to spill out. To prevent this, make sure to seek assistance from non-emergency plumbing services so your flapper can be repaired or replaced.


Toilet Bowl Leaks

Plumbing leaks from your toilet bowl (even tiny ones) can cause you to waste too many liters of water. To confirm if your water leak is coming from your toilet bowl, remove the lid from the tank and pour some food coloring into the rear portion. If you notice that the coloring seeps into your bowl after half an hour, then it’s clear that you have a toilet bowl leak. In that case, immediately engage a professional plumber to prevent further water loss.


Splash Leaks

Water which escapes from your bathtub or shower set is commonly referred to as a splash leak. Although this can be considered as a non-emergency plumbing issue, they can cause damage to the surrounding tiles or flooring. Moreover, major accidents can occur as a result of the water build-up such as slippages or even electric shocks. To prevent a splash leak from occurring, make sure to hire a professional plumber to repair any possible damage or holes around your bathing area.


Water Heater Leaks


Water heater leaks can take place due to possible deterioration or damage with the tank. To prevent them, make sure to have a recommended plumber troubleshoot your water heater. Doing this will assist you in determining whether a water heater repair or replacement is necessary.


Water Pipe Leaks


Water pipe leaks can originate from your bathroom sink or even from the drainage pipe underneath your toilet. This can occur due to pipe deterioration or even loosening and contraction as a result of changing weather conditions. Repairing a leaking pipe on your own can be extremely complicated especially if it involves piping beneath your toilet bowl. As such, it would be best to contact a professional HDB plumber to resolve such an issue.



Now that you know what type of water leak you have, you can now have it resolved immediately by a reliable plumber. For best results, contact Everyworks Singapore. With our team of experienced and professional plumbers, you can be assured that your water leak issues will be resolved with ease. For more information on our plumbing services, feel free to view our price list.


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