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When To Call for Plumbing Services In Singapore For A Non-Emergency Issue

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When To Call for Plumbing Services In Singapore For A Non-Emergency Issue

Your home is where you gather with your family to unwind from a long day, to let go of the pressures and demands of work and school, and to relax and enjoy family time. The last thing you want to deal with are unexpected plumbing problems. That’s why we’re here. We offer fast, dependable plumbing services in Singapore. But, you don’t have to wait for an emergency to call a Singapore plumber.



Upgrade or Renew Old Plumbing Fixtures


Have you recently purchased or inherited a new home? Contact us to book an appointment with our experienced plumbers for a plumbing inspection. Better yet, we even provide a range of basic and high-end products like taps, water heaters and toilet bowls for a 1-stop convenience on the Everyworks platform.  Even better still, because you may also be looking at other home improvements concerning your lights, electricals, furniture, carpentry, painting and more, you can find all the other professional home service providers on Everyworks, like professional electricians, aircon technicians and handymen.




Toilet Bowl Issues

Do you find that your toilet bowl occasionally continues running or drains slowly after flushing? This type of issue will escalate with time though as it means there is a need to change your flush system or pan collar respectively. It might not be as urgent as solving a completely choked toilet bowl or basin sink, as it still functions albeit not perfectly.


As there are also many other causes and symptoms a toilet bowl might have, it is best to shop around for the best recommended plumber who can diagnose the plumbing issue(s) and advise the best long-term solution.



installing-bathroom-accessories-plumbing services-everyworks-singapore_wm

Installing Bathroom Accessories

When most people think of plumbers, they do not think that they can help with the installation of bathroom accessories. Besides bathroom accessories like a bathroom accessories set, robe hooks, and grab handle bars, plumbers can also install the usual water heaters, basin cabinets, toilet bowls and taps.




Water Leaks

Tiny water leaks like a leaky tap, leaking water heater and leaking toilet bowl may not be something to gasp over but the problem grows over time. When it finally gets too frustrating to keep hearing the tap drip while you are trying to sleep, or the water bills are running too high, you will be hard pressed to quickly find a reliable plumber to solve all your water leakage issues. There are many ways to detect water leakages before it gets too serious, but you can always rely on our plumbers to do a thorough inspection for you.

Everyworks Singapore gives you the quickest solution to resolve all home maintenance issues faced by the busy modern individual. Fast response, fast arrangements and quality workmanship at reasonable and affordable prices.  As a leading trusted service provider in Singapore, we have served over 20,000 customers delivering outstanding service with hundreds of highly-rated reviews of our professional plumberelectricianaircon servicing technicians and handyman teams. Read through our articles and browse our past works to find out more about our home services in Singapore. To find a quick solution to your home repair woes, contact our dedicated and fast response customer support with a picture or a quick text either by Whatsapp at +65 82410032 or calling us at +65 6909 0990. For email enquiries, send it to

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