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What To Expect From Us:

  • PLUMBING SERVICES EXPERTISE:  Our plumbers have more than 35 years of experience between them, and are highly skilled to conduct a wide range of plumbing services.  They are able to expertly identify what plumber works are needed to get the job done.
  • FULL 1-STOP PLUMBING REPAIR: We offer a 1-stop plumbing service islandwide, where we are able to source and install original plumbing parts if it is required for the work. We save you the hassle of separately providing the pipe, water heater, tap or faucet, toilet bowl and more!
  • RANGE OF PLUMBING SERVICES: Our experienced plumbers carry out a comprehensive list of plumber works including water heater services, drain cleaning services, toilet plumbing, faucet repair and more.

Plumbing Chokes & Repair

  • Clear Toilet/Bathroom Choke
  • Clear Toilet Bowl Choke
  • Clear Wash Basin Choke
  • Clear Kitchen Sink Choke
  • Clear Toilet Sink Choke
  • Clear Floor Trap Choke
  • Clear Drainage Pipe Choke
  • Clear Water Pipes Choke
  • Clear Urinal Bowl Choke
  • Clear Bathtub Choke
  • Bathroom Flood Repair
  • Clogged Sink Repair
  • Clogged Toilet Repair
  • Clogged Drain Repair
  • Drain Cleaning
  • Drain Choke Repair
  • Kitchen Flood Repair
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Plumbing Installation / Replacement & Repair

  • Toilet Bowl Installation / Replacement
  • Shower Head / Shower Set Installation / Replacement
  • Shower Mixer Tap/Faucet Installation / Replacement
  • Storage Water Heater Installation / Replacement
  • Instant Water Heater Installation / Replacement
  • Wash Basin Tap/Faucet Installation / Replacement
  • Kitchen Sink Tap/Faucet Installation / Replacement
  • Kitchen Sink Bottle Trap Installation / Replacement
  • Toilet Flush System / Toilet Flush Tank Installation / Replacement (Inside Toilet Cistern)
  • Bidet Spray Installation / Replacement
  • New Installation / re-piping of Water Pipes
  • New Installation/ re-piping of Stainless Steel Pipe
  • New Installation/ re-piping of Copper Pipe
  • New Installation/ re-piping of UPVC pipe
  • Wash Basin Installation / Replacement
  • Kitchen Sink Installation / Replacement
  • Urinal Installation / Replacement
  • Rectify water discharge into the toilet bowl by replacing of siphon
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Plumbing Leaks & Pipe Repair

  • Leaking pipe or burst pipe repair
  • Sink Pipe Repair
  • Exposed Copper Pipe leak Repair
  • PPR Pipe Leak Repair
  • PVC Pipe Leak Repair
  • Stainless steel pipe leak Repair
  • UPVC pipe leak Repair
  • Shower leak Repair
  • Toilet & Toilet bowl leak Repair
  • Toilet Flush system / Toilet Flush tank leakage Repair
  • Faucet / tap leak Repair
  • Toilet/Bathroom Leak Repair
  • Water leakage detection (visual inspection only)
  • Water pressure test
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Water Heater Product & Services

  • 707 Water Heater
  • Ariston Water Heater
  • Rheem Water Heater
  • Joven Water Heater
  • Ariston Storage Heater
  • Rheem Storage Heater
  • Joven Storage Heater
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Toilet Bowl Product & Services

  • Baron Toilet Bowl
  • Magnum Toilet Bowl
  • Saniton Toilet Bowl
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Tap Installation & Replacement

  • Bathroom Tap
  • Tap Installation & Replacement
  • Faucet/ Tap Repair
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The Plumber is efficient and professional and arrived even on short notice. I am very pleased with their good services and great pricing.
d9baed0c-rosalind-goh_06x03y03y03y01h00001oRosalind Goh


I called in and enquired about their water heater installation services and was surprised that they were able to supply and fix the water heater at a very reasonable rate. The plumber who came down was very skillful and did the job in a professional and neat manner. Excellent work!
a663c048-5-greg-heng_03y05903y03y00000n01oGregory Heng


I arranged for their service the next day after I called them. Thankful that they were able to provide the service as it was hard to find an available plumber during the weekend. The friendly plumber came down and did his work and fixed my piping problem. Thanks!
Md Soffian
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