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    Customer Reviews About Our Handyman Services

    Long Yijun
    Long Yijun
    16:03 24 Oct 21
    Their plumbing service was really impressive. I needed a handyman really badly and when I called, I got an immediate response. After a while, a handyman came over and was extremely efficient in doing his work. He was also extremely professional, examined my issues carefully, and repaired it without any interruptions whatsoever. Overall, I highly recommend them.
    Traitod Mookjai
    Traitod Mookjai
    07:50 24 Oct 21
    The service was great! I was able to get an appointment on a weekend and the handyman who fixed my water pipes did their job very smoothly. They gave good advice as well and didn't charge any extra costs. Overall, they did a marvelous job!
    Palakorn Achananuparp (Aek)
    Palakorn Achananuparp (Aek)
    08:58 22 Sep 21
    Tried to arrange handyman services with Marc and Rhae (customer support representatives) via WhatsApp. They were responsive, professional, and asked useful questions. Eventually found the date & time slots that worked for me. Got the ceiling LED light replaced by Mr. Houssain (electrician) and the bidet valve and sprayer installed by Mr. Khan (plumber). Both handymen arrived on time and did the jobs well.
    yip weng kin
    yip weng kin
    01:13 03 Sep 21
    Needed to replace my water heater tank, chance upon water heater city and gave it a try. Pricing might not be cheapest but the whole process was definitely stress free and fast. Thumbs up to both plumber Khan and handyman Ibrahim.
    Amar Adhya
    Amar Adhya
    04:35 10 Jul 21
    Handyman did an excellent job in changing my door's spring hinge. Due to the quality of his work and his professionalism, I would definitely recommend him to anyone in need of handyman servicing.
    Shaheed bin Haajid
    Shaheed bin Haajid
    02:41 02 Jul 21
    Group was truly receptive to my call and immediately organized a handyman to come around the same time. He figured out how to give extraordinary assistance and gave quite possibly the most sensible costs accessible. Amazing!
    Westin Mok
    Westin Mok
    14:46 12 Jun 21
    Very fair prices from this company! Their handymen were also very efficient. Definitely recommend them to anyone with handyman issues.
    Emery Pan
    Emery Pan
    14:16 12 Jun 21
    I would say that the handyman extremely prompt and did his job professionally and neatly. He was also extremely friendly and approachable. Would really recommend him.
    Yaacob K
    Yaacob K
    17:22 11 Jun 21
    The handyman who came was really helpful, professional, and responsive. He managed to repair my door knob quickly and made sure to check that no other issues were present. For such excellent service, I give them 5 stars and highly recommend them!
    Aart Tuhumena
    Aart Tuhumena
    12:36 11 Jun 21
    Exceptional response time and service. Prices provided were also very fair. Even though I had a really bad sink choke, the handyman managed to fix it very quickly. Great job!
    Cara Mah
    Cara Mah
    19:23 01 May 21
    Thank you for the big help you guys gave. I was so sure that my issues were unsolvable. Fortunately, your handyman proved me wrong through their efficient and quick servicing. Thanks and more power to you all!
    Hua Zhang
    Hua Zhang
    20:02 30 Apr 21
    They responded promptly and quickly sent over a handyman who came just on time. No matter how bad my issues were, they were able to resolve each and every one of them in just a few minutes. For that, I intend to recommend them.
    Erica Tan
    Erica Tan
    23:28 22 Apr 21
    Service was excellent and among the best handyman service I've experienced. Wonderful job you guys!
    Poppy Marshall
    Poppy Marshall
    17:41 22 Apr 21
    Shortly after I contacted them, they quickly sent a handyman over to fix my door who did so in a fairly short amount of time. He was also professional and courteous while engaging with me. For that, I'll definitely recommend this service provider to family and friends.
    Brooklyn Lee
    Brooklyn Lee
    23:46 04 Feb 21
    Besides getting a quick response, I managed to get good service by the assigned handyman team as well. Great work!
    Kemboja B
    Kemboja B
    14:29 04 Feb 21
    Excellent customer service guys! Your handyman were also really quick and efficient too. Thanks so much! Will highly recommend you to friends and family.
    Magnus Han
    Magnus Han
    18:53 29 Dec 20
    Me and my wife were really satisfied with their handyman service and would recommend them to others.
    Calvin Lim Lim
    Calvin Lim Lim
    11:48 09 Dec 20
    Mr Plumber is a very good and trusted company that the handyman is all well train and professional. 👍
    Joey Yeo
    Joey Yeo
    00:53 08 Dec 20
    Thanks so much for the great service guys. The handyman assigned did an excellent job and helped me greatly. Would definitely recommend you to others with similar issues.
    Sharaf bin Khaleefa
    Sharaf bin Khaleefa
    16:33 06 Dec 20
    I managed to get a really quick response from them as well as great handyman service. Awesome job!
    Alyssia Kong
    Alyssia Kong
    16:36 19 Nov 20
    The customer support team responded almost immediately to my call. Besides that, the handyman assigned was really honest and answered my queries in a friendly way. The result of his job was great too! Keep it up!
    Jasper Chew
    Jasper Chew
    06:18 19 Nov 20
    The friendly handyman assigned to the job managed to render excellent service. They were able to resolve my basin bracket issues within a short time and gave helpful suggestions too. Besides that, they added a stopper for my tap without having to disable my main water supply. And not even a single extra charge!
    Kimhan Visalyaputra
    Kimhan Visalyaputra
    15:51 25 Oct 20
    They answered my calls very quickly and assigned a really good handyman to resolve my issues. He managed to come on time and did the job as quickly as he came. No extra charges whatsover. Definitely recommended!
    07:27 25 Oct 20
    Was really satisfied with the handyman service rendered. Great work guys!
    Tegan Poi
    Tegan Poi
    16:08 24 Oct 20
    The handyman did their jobs very professionally and with a very courteous attitude. They were also extremely tidy and made no mess despite the difficult rubbish chute installlation process. Thanks so much for that!
    Marcuz Schaech
    Marcuz Schaech
    16:50 20 Jan 20
    Hiring the services from A1 Handyman Singapore is such a breeze. One which makes you know you spent on the right professionals and truly worth the value of it.Its rare that you find a company which has such dedicated Individuals and exercised effective communications. This is their secret and strength which spring-head their excellent services above others. When I called them and explained the repair issues we had on our door knobs, washing machine and the toilet’s flushing systems, they made sure they listened to your concerns, understood your needs, accommodated on the days / time you prefer and presented a quotation which does not blow your Budget. Even if it is not possible to meet an appointment deadline, you would feel that they tried their best and delivered when they could, at their very best. They also went beyond their call of duty. On their second visit to mend some repairs on the toilet flushing systems only, we were thankful and really appreciate the hard work they put in for going the extra mile. They even assisted me to fix the shower head holder on the wall & Ensure the new bidet spray are firmly fixed and tightened so there’s no water leakage. AT NO ADDITIONAL COST! Truly Grateful and thankful.Highly recommending their services and my compliments mentioned above are experiences you would Want to receive should you need any handyman services. Really assuring to be linked to A1 HandyMan Singapore.
    Nicholas Ng
    Nicholas Ng
    09:49 13 Aug 19
    Spoke to 3 different handyman. Everyone was more concern how much to charge me than understanding the problem. A1 helped me to troubleshoot the problem which turned out to be a switched off switch. Time and money saved. Appreciate the way they conduct business. Will find them for all my future needs.
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    HDB Door Lock Replacement

    Ensuring safety and security is always vital, especially when it comes to your main HDB door lock and when it becomes faulty a HDB door lock replacement is needed.

    Common HDB Door Lock Problems








    Some of the usual door lock problems experienced by HDB homeowners include the following:

    Damaged Key While Unlocking Door

    To experience breaking your key while unlocking your door can be greatly frustrating, especially when it occurs late at night. 

    Door Lock Seizure

    Experiencing a door lock seizure is a common door lock problem faced by many, especially for those residing in older houses. Often, when a door lock seizure occurs, it becomes difficult to turn your key despite being able to insert it in the lock. 

    Uneven Door Latch

    If your main door or bedroom doors fail to lock or close as they should, you may have to consider the possibility of having an uneven or misaligned door latch. A misaligned latch simply means that an alignment issue is present with your door’s latch bolt and its strike plate. 

    Difficulty In Inserting Key






    For many HDB homeowners, simply inserting a key into a door lock can become a hassle especially after a long period of usage. Oftentimes, a key may not turn once inserted or may not fit into the door or gate lock at all. 

    Jammed Bolt or Defective Lock

    Attempting to pick a lock all by yourself is risky because any mistake made can prevent your door from properly locking again. In resolving a nonworking lock or jammed bolt, a local handyman will usually open the entire cylinder mechanism. 

    Unsteady Door Knob

    Door knobs becoming loose over time is not an uncommon door problem. Should you struggle with this, tightening the knob is customary. Although the proper tightening method depends on what specific type of lock you have.  

    Choosing a door lock for your household or commercial space depends on the door installed. It is better to hire a professional handyman to help you choose a door lock to install that suits your place.


    How To Choose A Door Lock To Install

    Though deadbolts and door latch locks remain common, many homeowners nowadays take features into account when choosing which door lock to install. These include door lock design, security level, and mechanism type.

    Door Lock Design









    When changing door locks, many others still consider design as an important factor. Some door locks consist of fancy patterns while others include more digital features such as biometric functions. 

    Door Lock Security Level

    High-security locks come in many different forms such as anti-drill locks. These locks consist of saw-resistant bolts which include anti-saw pins that make it difficult for the deadbolt to be sawed through. 

    Door Lock Mechanism Type

    For some people, how a door lock functions is an important factor to consider when deciding which one to purchase. Some homeowners may choose to install digital door locks to give access to friends and family via individual passcodes.  

    Always remember the things to note before a door lock installation in order to avoid mistakes that you could handle soon. Calling a reliable handyman is needed when the door lock installation is too complicated for you.


    Things To Note Before A Door Lock Installation

    Securing your home or office is always vital, and one of the ways to do this is by installing new door locks. When it comes to replacing your door locks, it is important to remember the things to note before a door lock installation.


    Not having sufficient knowledge on proper door lock installation can result in various mistakes. These, in turn, may require constant door repair services which will only lead to costly expenses over the long term. 

    Choosing The Right Door Lock








    It would seem practical at first to purchase a model of the same size to avoid any further modifications to your door. When deciding which door lock is most suitable for you, it’s better to prioritize more critical factors such as durability and security level.  

    Using The Proper Equipment









    Most door-related services involve many intricate procedures. As such, they require the use of the best tools and equipment available, something which most households don’t have. 

    Having Sufficient Knowledge








    Installing a door lock is never an easy process since it requires sufficient knowledge of the procedures involved. Thus, if you intend to replace your lock, then don’t hesitate to contact  handyman services to do it for you. 

    Door Lock’s Proper Alignment

    One common door issue which some homeowners face involves the lock failing to close properly. This can be caused by misalignment as a result of improper door lock installation. 

    Possibility of Locking Yourself Out

    Locking yourself out of your home by accident can be a very difficult experience. As such, it’s always vital to never forget your keys when installing your door lock. Make sure to also install your door from inside to avoid any inconveniences. 

    Safety Precautions

    Door lock installation involves the use of many different tools which can cause accidents if not handled properly. So make sure to always adhere to safety guidelines and precautions when setting up your door lock. 

    If you want to carry out a door lock installation alone, you should avoid the common door lock installation mistakes. Calling a professional handyman to do a door lock installation or replacement can ensure you to give a perfect job. 


    Common Door Lock Installation Mistakes To Avoid

    Door lock installation is a common procedure undertaken by homeowners to enhance security. If you’re looking to install a new door lock, make sure to take note of the common door lock installation mistakes to avoid.

    Purchasing Substandard Locks









    It’s important to remember that intruders can pick substandard door locks more easily as compared to durable door locks. Ensure your security by buying a high-quality door lock such as smart digital door locks or even a heavy deadbolt.

    Measuring The Door Incorrectly









    Failing to measure your door correctly may make it difficult to close once the door lock is installed. As such, it’s best to measure it from its unbeveled side to ensure that the lock is angled correctly. 

    Misaligning the Lock

    One common mistake made by homeowners when installing or changing a door lock is positioning the deadbolt or door knob incorrectly. Ensure that your lock is oriented properly so as to prevent it from locking from the opposite side. 

    Installing Digital Locks Without Proper Knowledge

    Digital locks have been famous mostly due to their high-security level. Many homeowners do not know how to properly install them. Contact a professional handyman if you wish to install such a model in your home.

    Disregarding Weather Conditions









    Before installing or changing a door lock, it’s necessary to take note of current weather conditions. The reason for this is because strong weather changes can cause your doors to warp thereby making them difficult to lock.  

    Drilling Door Holes Incorrectly

    Installing a door lock normally requires you to bore holes into your door. However, many homeowners fail to carry out this process correctly. To properly create holes for the door locks, start to drill the holes from the inside until the center portion of your drill protrudes through the door.



    You may think a door lock is just another accessory for your home, although it plays a vital role in your privacy and security. Installing a door lock with an advanced security feature is essential to avoid any breaking and entering to your property. It is also ideal to have your door lock installed by a professional like Everyworks Singapore, as they have the necessary tools and knowledge to efficiently carry out the door lock installation. You can also visit our website to view our price list and the other handyman services we provide. 


    Everyworks Singapore gives you the quickest solution to resolve all home maintenance issues faced by the busy modern individual. Fast response, fast arrangements and quality workmanship at reasonable and affordable prices. As a leading trusted service provider in Singapore, we have served over 20,000 customers delivering outstanding service with hundreds of highly-rated reviews on both Google and Facebook for our professional plumberelectricianaircon servicing technicians and handyman teams. Read through our articles and browse our past works to find out more about our home services in Singapore. To find a quick solution to your home repair woes, contact our dedicated and fast response customer support with a picture or a quick text by Whatsapp at +65 82410032.



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