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Types of Electrical Services To Find In Singapore

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Singapore is a modern, cosmopolitan city that relies on stable and good power supply in every day lives. So, the proper maintenance of electrical panels, boxes, and appliances should be properly cared for to prevent such complications. And in cases where there are electrical works or electrical issues that need to be solved, there are many electrical services companies to choose from. The electrical services offered by these home service providers must be EMA-licensed electrical workers, or Licensed Electrical Workers (LEW). The services included are: new electrical wiring & rewiring, electrical troubleshooting, light installation, electrical socket replacements and new installation, water heater installation, fixing light switches so on. Here is a full list of some electrical works that an electrician can do:


Electrical Wiring

The electrical companies provide electrical wiring services for electrical appliances like lights, switches, power sockets etc. by connecting the power supply from the electrical distribution board (EDB) to hooking it up to the circuit breaker and connecting it to the rest of the house. The wiring services include rewiring or electrical extensions.



Electrical Installation

Any electrical appliance in your Singaporean home that requires an electrical installation will fall into the expertise of an electrician. Some of these electrical appliances that Everyworks are familiar with are:

  • Wired CCTVs
  • Home theatre speakers
  • Ceiling fans and Wall fans
  • Doorbells
  • Emergency exit lights
  • Aircon installation points
  • Water heater electrical points


Power Failure

Power failures will occur on occasion and when you encounter it, it will be the most annoying situation you will face. If a little power failure troubleshooting doesn’t seem to help, then calling an electrician is the only recourse available.



Light Switch & Water Heater Switch Installation

Quite plainly, electricians are adept at installing light switches, including water heater switches and power point socket with switches. It is trendy in Singapore to have smart home automation electrical installations also, so smart light switches can also be installed by electricians. Any other smart home devices that needs to be connected to a power supply through electrician wiring will be done by an electrician.

At Everyworks, you can enjoy a 1-stop convenience with our electrical services as can both provide the light switch products of varying brands, models and colours, and help install it in your home.



Light Installations

Light installations can also be carried out by an electrician. This will help save you from the danger of climbing up to heights to install a heavy light fixture, especially hanging lights and bulky ceiling lights.

At Everyworks, you can enjoy a 1-stop convenience with our electrical services as can both provide the light products like ceiling lights, light bulbs and downlights of varying brands, models and colours, and help install it in your home.




Electrical Socket Installations

Any building in Singapore would require power point installations so that electrical appliances can be easily plugged in to a power source. Some homes and offices may not have enough of these electrical socket points, and an electrician can install more of such points. This will involve electrical wiring extensions and some wall-cutting works to fit the installation of the power socket, making it a straightforward job.



Electrical Distribution Board / Circuit Breaker Repair and Installation (Electrical panel / Electric Board)

A professional electrical service company can also help repair your circuit breaker after a power trip, or repair your electrician panel board if you find that a power trip keeps reoccurring.


24-hour Electrician Services

Some electrical companies provide round-the-clock assistance for electrical emergencies. This makes it very useful for when you suddenly face a power outage outside of the usual working hours. To accommodate such instances, Everyworks electricians operate daily from 9AM – 9PM to help troubleshoot and solve electrical issues in Singapore. Simply contact us and we will be in touch with you quickly.

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