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Tips To Identify Water Heater Leaks And Fix It



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A leaking instant water heater or storage water heater might appear as a small problem but could eventually snowball into a major issue. When left untreated, you could experience flooding which damages your wall and flooring due to seepage. One of the things about water leakage is the result of a higher water bill which you would want to avoid. These wet and damp areas are also known to cause mould or lead to asthma and allergic responses. If faced with such issues, you should engage a plumber to get the job done. But before that, here are a few tips on how to identify water heater leaking problems and how it can be solved. 


1. Condensation on surface of heater tank 

Condensation happens when the water heater tank is filled with cold water, leading to drips or water vapor. You may even observe this situation during colder months or when the tank is filled for the first time. For instance, those using gas water heaters would notice condensation happening that may also arise from the vent. If your water heater is having such symptoms, it is not a sign of leakage but merely condensation. 














2. Leaking storage water heater tank 

Water heaters in Singapore have a shorter life span (<10 years) compared to other home appliances. When the water heater starts leaking or producing rust-coloured water, it is an indication of corrosion in tanks. This is when you should hire a professional plumber to get your water heater tank replaced. Meanwhile, you can attach a hose to the drain valve of the water heater to have the tank emptied. When the tank fully empties, you will have water flowing out through the hose. 













3. Leaking valve for temperature-pressure relief 

It is common for dripping to occur from the valve or water heater tank for temperature-pressure (TP) relief. The heater tank is designed to remove water when excess pressure is sensed. This can be caused by excessive pressure buildup when temperature is too high, if the special valves meant to lower water pressure in the heater disables expansion of water inside the tank, or when the pressure of the primary water supply to home is too strong. The TP relief valve could also be flawed in some cases, and have to be immediately replaced. You should call an experienced plumber to handle the task especially when there are a lot of technicalities involved.  














4. Leakage from drain valve 

Water heater leakage can also occur from its drain valve. Check whether the drain valve of the water heater is dripping. In case it does, there is a need to tighten the drain valve to address the leaks. But should you encounter a defective valve, it is recommended to replace it, preferably by Everyworks Plumber Singapore. 


Besides a water heater leakage, there are also other easy ways to detect various leakages in your home. You may also find out more about the other signs that your water heater may be failing soon. Ensure you call a plumber specialist that is able to aid you through thorough inspection and the necessary plumber works 


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