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Types of Plumbing Pipes in The Market

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In the market, there are many different pipe types available for a commercial or HDB plumber to install. Whichever pipes need to be used depends on their set-up, the location for their plumbing installation, as well as their durability. This is because certain pipes can experience a number of plumbing issues such as a pipe leak or even mere rusting if they happen to be made from substandard materials. So to ensure that you get the most suitable pipe to use for your bathroom or kitchen sink, here are some common plumbing types in the market.


Flexible Copper Pipes


These pipes are normally installed by professional plumbers for appliances such as fridge ice makers and dishwashers. In addition, they consist of soldered or compression fittings so that their sections are properly joined together and so that a copper pipe leak doesn’t occur. Though they can be bended easily, you’ll need to cut off a piece and have it substituted in case a certain portion kinks. Make sure to have a reliable plumber assist you with this process if necessary.


Cast Iron Pipes


When choosing appropriate pipes for your toilet bowl, try considering cast iron pipes. These normally consist of a bell-and-spigot, though there are also threaded-joint versions available albeit at a more expensive price. They also tend to be bulkier than other types of pipes and usually serve as the central element for underground installations and water distribution systems for drainages and sewers. Despite their large size, they are compact enough to be used for residential plumbing.

During pipe installations, cast iron pipes need to be supported properly while setting up the joint. Otherwise, major issues such as a pipe burst can occur.


Galvanized Pipes


Though galvanized pipes can be commonly found in residential houses, they are now used less often for taps and faucets due to their potential for rusting. Because of their small diameter, the accumulation of rust can cause the supply channel to narrow. Moreover, it can make the water coming out of your kitchen or bathroom tap to have a brownish color thereby making it ill-suited for drinking and washing. If you happen to be using old and rusting galvanized pipes, make sure to have them replaced by a recommended plumber as soon as possible.


PEX Pipes


These types of pipes are usually flexible and can even be used as connectors for home water heaters. Though they are somewhat expensive, they can be installed easily and require only minimal maintenance. That said, these pipes consist of an outer plastic layer which can be damaged by UV rays. This can cause major issues such as a pipe leakage which a professional plumber will need to repair. As such, it’s best not to have them set up in outdoor areas.


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