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Common Types Of Plumbing Leaks

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Water leakages can be a common occurrence in residential or commercial spaces in Singapore. The leakages experienced vary from a simple water pipe leak to a complicated leaking water heater which can be rectified by a plumber. When left untreated for a long time, you could experience flooding. Let’s find out more about the common types of plumbing leaks and how to go about handling such situations. 










  • Leaking Faucets 

This usually occurs due to a worn-out washer, which is typically installed within the tap below the handle. If you have the relevant equipment and knowledge, you can replace these with comparative ease, but do remember to close off the water supply beneath the sink at the primary shut-off valve before getting the handle out. Without any experience, what sounds like a relatively simple job can go awry. It is recommended to call up a plumbing service to have the leaky faucet looked at and repaired. 










  • Toilet Leaks 

Toilet leaks can be caused for a number of reasons:  

  • Wear and tear of the wax/rubber ring between the toilet base and the drainage pipe 
  • The leak from the toilet water supply 
  • The leak from the pan collar at the base of the toilet bowl 
  • The leak from the supply line from the toilet tank 
  • The leak from a toilet bowl crack or it might be from the water supply or even condensation  

Leaks in toilets can lead to many litres of water being wasted and that is just one of the things you didn’t know about toilet leaks. Even tiny leaks can cause wastage of water over a period of time.  


To test whether the leak is from the toilet bowl, you can take a look 7 easy ways to detect a water leak and try to fix it before calling a plumber. If you are facing such issues, Everyworks Plumber Singapore has a team of experienced plumbers who can easily handle such problems. 









  • Splash leaks 

Another common toilet issue are splash leaks which are known for water that escapes past a shower door or a shower curtain. It may seem like a small matter to disregard, but it can result in high damage when there is a seepage of water into the subfloor area or the shower curb. For example, when splash leaks occur, it can cause the surrounding tiles or vinyl flooring to loosen, grow mould between the grouting or the tiles may pop up. 










  • Water heater Leak 

Water heater leakages may occur mostly due to wear and tear of the appliance. You should note the tips to identifying water heater leaks to better understand the issue surrounding it. It is highly recommended to call Everyworks Plumber Singapore to inspect your leaking water heater, as water and electricity spells a preventable disaster for you in the shower. Depending on the severity of the issue, a water heater repair or replacement can be done.  










  • Water pipe leak 

Water pipe leakages usually merge from the kitchen or the bathrooms. Possible causes of pipe leakages are wear and tear, constant pressure causing the parts to loosen, or expansion and contraction due to drastic temperature changes. It can be complicated to repair these pipe leakages, especially if it is concealed in the wall or are in hardly accessible places.  


The most important lesson learnt here is to pay attention to any plumbing leaks happening in your home or office. Our plumbing services are reasonably priced and have consistently gotten good reviews for our quality service and customer care. Engage Everyworks Plumber Singapore for any plumbing leaksplumbing chokes or plumbing installations. We will send over our best team to assist you as soon as possible.  


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