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3 Plumbing Issues To Call Emergency Plumber In Singapore

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The plumbing in your Singapore home is one of those things that runs unassumingly in the background, and makes your everyday routine go without a hitch. That is, until something goes wrong. Then you want to find a reliable plumber in Singapore at your service as quickly as possible. These are 3 instances you might want to seek professional plumbing help urgently.


  1. Choked Kitchen Pipes and Choked Bathroom Pipes
    When pipes in the kitchen sink are choked with food residue or grease, you might find it difficult to have an enjoyable cooking and washing up experience. Choked pipes are more than an annoyance – they’re also unsanitary. If the pipes in your bathroom are choked with hair or soap scum, you will find that the water doesn’t drain as fast, and you’re standing in a pool of dirty bath water during a shower. If your toilet bowl gets choked, you will find yourself in a smelly situation that is both unsightly and highly unwanted, and you will be unable to flush the toilet waste away. That means your family’s cleanliness and hygiene are at risk.

Quickly find a recommended plumber to help you clear choked pipes, and follow good practices to prevent common causes of drainage pipes clogs from happening in the future.


  1. Water Pipe Leak
    A water pipe leak is a typical issue that most residents in Singapore will face, be it staying in HDB, Condominium or landed homes. It is an issue that requires your prompt consideration. Leaks are the consequence of amateur plumbing, temperature changes, age, or even due to environmental factors such as vibration, renovation or construction nearby and other related issues. A pipe leak is an emergency as the water leak will cause severe water damage to your precious property including damage to your false ceiling, carpet, flooring, waterproofing, etc. A pipe leak ought to be dealt with as a pipe crisis and ought to be tended to instantly.


  1. Water Heater Problems
    Not having running hot water during your shower when your water heater is switched on is a problem that will solve on its own. Call for a plumber to help with your water heater repairs. They can recommend you the next steps to take, or perhaps you may need an electrician to check the water heater wiring.


Water heater issues must also be addressed quickly, especially when you are at risk of being scalded by a sudden temperature increase, or your water heater is making noise. You would not want to be accidentally electrocuted while you are having a shower either.

Don’t let a plumbing problem get out of hand. You should call our experienced, dependable plumbers in Singapore at the first sign of trouble. We have the experience and skills you can rely on to handle any plumbing emergency. We’ll get your drains choke-free and water pipe repaired so your home will be running smoothly in no time.


Learn more about other common residential plumbing emergencies, to prepare for, in case of future events. If you run into any of these plumbing situations, be sure to keep Everyworks Plumber Singapore in mind!

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