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How To Find A Reliable Electrical Contractor in Singapore 



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Whether in your home or office, the need for an electrician arises from time to time. When you need to hire an electrician in Singapore, it pays to hire a reliable electrician, preferably from a licensed electrical services company in Singapore. For your homes and business to be safe, all your electrical works need to be properly installed, maintained and repaired as and when 

Here are some tips on how to find a reliable electrical contractor in Singapore; 













License / Accreditations 

  1. Only hire an EMA licensed electrician in Singapore – When you have your electrical services carried out by a licensed electrician, you are rest assured that you are not patronising an inexperienced, unaffiliated handyman. Always confirm that the electrical services company you are about to hire is EMA licensed and covered by insurance. Get as much information as possible to confirm that the electrician is capable and understands what you need him to do.














  1. Not all electrical companies offer the same type of services. For an electrical installation, there can be varying degrees of expertise. What electrical services one company can provide, may not be the same as another. Therefore, be sure to check if the electrician you are getting can confidently complete the type of electrical services you are seeking. 



Look at Singapore electrical services that offers electrical works with workmanship or service warranty, and check if the warranty is extended to the electrical products as well. In Singapore, most plumbers offer warranty that covers their services for 30 to 90 days depending on the service involved. 














  1. Check  online reviews and reputation – While your friends and associates may have a good experience with an electrician, you should also look up the company online to ensure that they have a good online reputation. Read the reviews you see online and if possible, speak to other clients of the electrician to have a verified opinion of the electrician. Also check their social media pages for any red flags. 


  1. Ask the electrician what the final price may be like. You would want to make sure that they are honest and transparent about their quotation.When you call an electrician to make a request, your electrician should be open with you about what your problem entails and what would be needed to fix it. A reliable electrician would inform you in advanced if there were any situational costs involved. If the electrician has a dismissive attitude during this inquiry, you should be wary and probably look for another company. 

At Everyworks, we stand by our guarantee of being open and transparent about the services and rates we provide.  

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