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How to maintain and clean your Daikin air conditioner

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Daikin produces reliable and feature-rich air conditioners. It has thousands of happy customers across the globe who always recommend this brand to others. You may also have bought a Daikin Aircon if you are searching for aircon servicing tips and tricks.

It is obvious that you do not need to worry a lot about your AC because Daikin provides power-efficient, feature-rich, and low maintenance aircon units. However, it is still important for regular aircon servicing to avoid a major breakdown in the future. Follow the given tips and you will get cooler air from your air conditioner for a long time without spending a lot on its maintenance.

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Clean Aircon Filters:

Filters installed in the Daikin air conditioners work to prevent smoke, dirt, dust, and other harmful elements from entering in your premise. It requires regular cleaning to prevent common aircon issues. If you do not clean the filters on a regular interval, its impurities will clog the airways and your Daikin AC will not perform to its fullest capacity. It can directly affect energy efficiency of the air conditioner. That’s why you should apply the best filter cleaning techniques to keep your AC’s filters clean and fully functional.

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Clean the fan coil:

Your Daikin AC is equipped with the heat exchanger which is commonly known as the condenser fan. This particular component works to keep power consumption low when the air conditioning unit is in operation. This heat exchange is positioned in the back side of the Daikin AC units. Whenever you start using your AC, make sure the cooling fan is perfectly clean. The top 3 aircon parts that require periodic care includes the fan coil. When not kept up with its maintenance, you will risk an aircon repair of the condenser fan. Dirt can accumulate on this fan that can affect its performance. So, clean this component in the beginning of summer to have a smooth functioning aircon throughout the season.

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Exterior maintenance:

A Daikin air conditioner costs quite a considerable amount. It looks great when you install it in your premise. You would like to ensure it will look like a new AC unit for a long time. In order to maintain AC’s exterior appearance, you should regularly clean the air outlet with a soft cloth. It is easy to do and you can learn how to do your own normal aircon servicing. Dust can accumulate at the top of the aircon, so clear it with a clean cloth to maintain its visual appeal. In order to clean the front panel, first remove the panel, clean it with warm water, dry it, and then reattach it to the AC. You should never use any abrasive cleaning agent or cloth to clean the exterior part of the AC.

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Hire an expert for AC maintenance:

You can apply the above given Daikin AC maintenance techniques if you have time. It can be quite difficult when there are many ACs installed in your premise and you do not have time for maintenance. Contact DW Aircon Servicing Singapore for a reliable support. Expert technicians will inspect all the AC units and perform the maintenance job to ensure no serious issue will trouble you in the future. We also provide support for Daikin inverter maintenance and repair. You will pay a reasonable price for the maintenance work and get the job done without wasting a lot of time and money.

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