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Tips For Aircon Energy Savings

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With the tropical climate in Singapore, it is no wonder that the majority of residential and commercial areas are fitted with aircons. It becomes a part of our daily lives and we are dependent on aircon to keep our surroundings cool. We have to ensure aircon servicing is done on top of an aircon chemical overhaul to extend the lifespan of the aircon. In Singapore, we are also aware that electricity bills are bound to increase with usage of air conditioners. Thus, Everyworks Aircon Servicing Singapore will be sharing tips on how to save energy when using your aircon.










1. Reduce aircon usage

Reducing aircon usage is not equivalent to not using your aircon as often. It just means that your aircon will consume less energy to operate. You can do so by setting the timer on your aircon or leave your aircon running for half an hour before switching it to fan mode. The cool air retains in the room with the fan ventilation, allowing you to maintain cool temperatures throughout and rest comfortably!










2. Purchase energy-efficient air conditioners

With advanced technology, companies are able to produce energy-efficient air conditioners. Aircon units which are energy efficient will have energy-saving ticks on them. The energy-saving ticks rated by the National Environment Agency (NEA) range from 1 to 5, with 5 being the most energy saving efficient, and 1 being the least. It is important to look out for aircon products with more ticks as these can significantly make a difference in your monthly utility bills.










3. Regular aircon servicing

Having your aircon regularly serviced will ensure that it performs optimally. Aircon servicing in Singapore is set at relatively affordable prices and you should aim to do it quarterly to avoid larger expenses towards aircon repair.   Whether it is an old or new aircon, it is important you understand the need for regular aircon servicing as this will minimise aircon breakdowns. As your aircon deteriorates, it will take longer to cool down your space, causing an increase in energy usage.


With that, these are 3 simple but very useful tips for you to note when using your aircon. We have to do what it takes to conserve energy and save the environment. In return, you would also be doing yourself a favour by lowering the electricity bills. Find a reliable aircon contractor who is able to get the job done promptly. Remember to check for reviews so that you are promised quality work. If faced with other aircon troubleshooting issues, you can contact us and we will assist you accordingly.

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