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8 Aircon Repair Symptoms In Singapore

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Experiencing annoying aircon breakdowns? This might be the case when your aircon does not undergo regular aircon servicing.

There are a variety of reasons why your aircon unit is experiencing problems – while some may just need a gas top-up, other units may require an aircon chemical overhaul.

Nevertheless, every homeowner should be familiar with the different symptoms of a faulty aircon. Don’t hesitate to call a reliable aircon servicing company as soon as you notice these aircon repair symptoms:













1. Aircon Not Blowing Cold Air

Firstly, your aircon unit might be experiencing a weak air flow, which causes it to not generate enough cool air for your room. Secondly, your aircon might be blowing out hot air. Oftentimes, symptoms like these indicate a faulty system compressor and capacitor, or even a blown fuse. No matter the cause, get it repaired by a professional aircon contractor to prevent worse aircon problems like a refrigerant leak.














2. Gas Pipe Leakage

Most aircon gas pipe leaks are not as easy to detect compared to a water leakage. But there are still troubleshooting measures that you can carry out on your own. In some cases, the unpleasant odour of poisonous Freon gas is quickly noticeable when the aircon leak is happening from your indoor unit. However, you might have to check your outdoor compressor unit for such smells. Remember to also inspect the pipes and look out for some stains as this can also be a sign of an aircon gas pipe leak. Lastly, you can also check for whistling sounds coming from your thermostatic expansion valve, which suggests low refrigerant levels.


















3. Aircon Water Leakage

Just like gas pipe leaks, an aircon water leakage can also display itself on either the indoor aircon unit or the outdoor compressor. But unlike a gas pipe leakage, water leaks are less harmful as it does not contain poisonous gas. You may notice water dripping from your fan coils or ice building up on your copper refrigerant lines. If unsure about the type of aircon leak, call in a professional aircon technician to conduct an inspection.


4. Aircon Unit Switching Off Automatically

An aircon that switches off by itself can be caused by various problems stemming from irregular aircon servicing or cleaning. A dirty aircon compressor or condenser can lead to overheating, which then prompts the system to shut itself down. Ensure you get your aircon units cleaned properly as a blocked aircon compressor or condenser with accumulated dirt will cost you more in the long run. Still experiencing this problem despite getting your aircon regularly cleaned? Well, the issue might be from your thermostat. A broken thermostat will not be able to correctly gauge the temperature of your aircon, which can cause it to shut down automatically. Avoid delays when it comes to your aircon repair the moment you notice such a problem.













5. Blinking Light

There are times when you may notice your aircon light blinking all of a sudden. Take this blinking light as an aircon repair symptom that your aircon is experiencing problems that require immediate attention. However, it might not exactly tell you the specific issue that needs aircon service. Just take note that it can be due to the following problems:

  • A faulty compressor
  • Low refrigerant levels
  • Electrical issues
  • Dirty filters


6. Compressor Not Running

Is your aircon compressor refusing to switch on? There are several possibilities causing this problem. Check that the start relay, capacitor, valves, and terminal connections are functioning per normal. Otherwise, you will need to engage an aircon specialist to solve the issue.


7. Generating Noise

One can only stand scraping, whistling, and squealing noises for so long. If you hear noise coming out from your aircon unit, this could be a result of a belt slipping out of place or other aircon parts that need to be lubricated. You should note the 3 aircon parts that require periodic care to avoid such noise from happening again in the future.















8. Releasing Foul Odour

Notice a pungent smell emitting from your aircon? And you still think it is nothing to worry about? just remember that air conditioners are not supposed to release a foul odour. The odour can either come from a burnt wiring that should be replaced immediately or moldy ductwork.

Now that you have understood the aircon repair symptoms, you would better identify any aircon issues in the future. Note these aircon servicing tips in Singapore and you are on your way to finding a reliable aircon servicing company. Whether residential or commercial spaces, Everyworks Aircon Servicing Singapore will be at your service.

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