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Troubleshooting Common Aircon Issues

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Many Singaporean homeowners rely on the convenience and comfort of air conditioners during warmer months. Additionally, air conditioning units that operate quietly and efficiently are popular among many people. When used daily, one should know the importance of regular aircon servicing to properly maintain it. However, not many homeowners know how to care for their air conditioning units and consequently face common aircon issues. It is extremely important to note the aircon parts that require periodic care as these might be the reason your aircon is not functioning. As such, here are a few common aircon problems and how you can troubleshoot them.












  • Aircon unable to switch on

This could be the result of a tripped circuit breaker, which you can troubleshoot them by replacing or resetting the fuse or circuit breaker. Or if your aircon is switched on but seems to be still and not running,  you might need to call in an aircon contractor to do a thorough check to determine what’s wrong.

Tip: Always hire a reputable aircon maintainence company to help you with aircon servicing! Never try it yourself if you are not sure what is the problem.


  • Possibility of a faulty thermostat

More than 60% of homeowners face a common issue – a faulty thermostat – which prevents the aircon from turning on. A low thermostat reading and failure to start the aircon are obvious signs that you should call an aircon repair company like Everyworks Aircon Servicing Singapore. We will advise you whether to replace or recalibrate the device. If your aircon has an old thermostat (the dial models), it is likely to experience calibration issues.

Tip: Request your aircon troubleshooting company to replace the old thermostat with a programmable one. Programmable thermostats in air conditioners are not easy to calibrate. You need an expert for this job.













  • Unable to cool the room

Do you find that your aircon is not blowing cold air or you room is not cooling down fast enough? If yes, your aircon might have low refrigerant levels and needs to be inspected. In fact, low refrigerant levels can lead to further aircon breakdowns due to undue stress on the compressor. An aircon gas top-up is in order. However, if the gas pressure level is normal but the aircon symptoms still persist, the aircon technician might recommend an aircon chemical overhaul due to these reasons.

Take Away Tip: The refrigerant is the lifeline of your air conditioner. It is equivalent to oil in a car.










  • Aircon starts to heat up

Heating issues are caused by faulty condensers. The condenser plays an integral role in the air conditioner as it removes heat and releases it outdoors. With excess soot, pollutants and dirt, the condenser has to work harder to remove heat. This is when the aircon starts to experience wear and tear.

Take Away Tip: Hire an aircon specialist to do regular servicing. Professionals will clean soot, pollutants, and dirt from the condenser professionally.


During such aircon emergencies, call a professional aircon servicing company to aid you with your aircon repair symptoms.  You should also avoid these mistakes when looking to engage an air conditioning service. One of the ways is to check their reviews to find out the kind of aircon services provided and how well it is carried out. Everyworks Aircon Servicing Singapore is ever ready and more than eager to be at your service.

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