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What To Do When Aircon Is Not Cold

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Having a fully-functioning air conditioner is vital especially when living under Singapore’s hot climate. So once it experiences major problems such as decreased coldness, it’s important that you determine the cause immediately so you can quickly have an aircon repair done. With that, here a number of reasons for why your aircon may not be cold:



Clogged Air Filters


Normally, a residential or commercial/industrial aircon works by drawing in warm air which is then cooled by the evaporator coils. After that, the cooled air is released outward thereby providing the user with much needed coldness. When the air filters become clogged however, ice can form on the evaporator coils which results in unusual warmness from the unit.

To prevent your air filters from getting clogged with dirt as well as other common aircon issues, make sure to have them cleaned regularly. You can do this by contacting aircon services to clean them for you or you can do it yourself. Either way, making sure that no dirt accumulates in your air filters ensures that your unit lasts longer and that you have more aircon energy savings.



Damaged Printed Circuit Board

If your air filters happen to be clean enough, then you or an aircon maintenance company may want to check if your Printed Circuit Board (PCB) has incurred any defects. This component works in tandem with the thermistor to monitor air temperature and to transport power to the compressor. Once it becomes damaged, it can cause the entire unit to experience issues such as decreased coldness.

If you think that your PCB is in need of repairing, then contact professional aircon services to provide you with assistance.



Broken Capacitor


Most window aircons make use of a capacitor to initiate the compressor. But once this incurs damage, then the unit can lose its coldness and start to release warm air.

If you’ve confirmed damage on your aircon capacitor, engage an aircon service to do an aircon repair. Otherwise, a full aircon capacitor replacement might be necessary.



Defective Thermostat

If your aircon unit experiences decreased coldness despite regular aircon servicing, then try checking if your thermostat or temperature control unit has sustained any damage. Otherwise, have them examined by a professional aircon servicing company.

Since the thermostat relies on a sensing bulb to function, you can try examining it as well for any defects. Check if the bulb has sustained any bending, rupturing, or other damage and if it has been positioned correctly. Should any defects be present, have your unit undergo aircon servicing to get the aircon’s sensing bulb replaced immediately.



Defective Thermistor


Decreased aircon coldness despite regular aircon cleaning and maintenance can be caused by a defective thermistor. To confirm this, try examining it for any possible damage or corrosion. Should any be present, contact a professional aircon servicing company to do a quick thermistor replacement to resolve the issue.



Damaged Fan Motor

At times, decreased aircon coldness can be caused by a defect in the fan motor despite proper aircon installation. If the fan motor runs too slowly, icing can form over the evaporator coils which can prevent cold air from being distributed. In that case, you can simply have it repaired. Otherwise, if it has sustained seizures or damage, then you may need to have a fan motor replacement done by a professional.




If any of the above-mentioned causes don’t seem to be the reason for your aircon’s decreased coldness, then don’t hesitate to contact Everyworks Singapore to determine the cause for you. Our experienced aircon servicemen can provide you with professional assistance so that your unit can work optimally once more. For more information on our aircon services, make sure to view our price list.


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