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How To Check Why Aircon Leaks

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When living in a country like Singapore, it’s essential to have a fully-functioning aircon at your home and in your office. That said, constant usage of this appliance can cause it to experience some issues if not maintained properly. One such common issue is an aircon leakage. Though it’s usually normal for any aircon to discharge a few drops of water due to condensation, heavy leakages will mean that it requires servicing.

An aircon leak can be attributed to various factors. So, in this article, we guide you through the several steps required in identifying the cause. That way, you can contact a professional aircon servicing company to resolve it immediately.



Identify The Leak’s Source


To prevent an aircon leak from happening in the future, try to identify its source before having your unit repaired by reputable aircon services. If you notice a puddle forming at the front portion of the unit, then it’s possible that the leakage is being caused by the internal components. However, if the leakage build-up happens to be at the back, then there may be a problem with your drainage pipe.



Check If The Filter Has Been Clogged

When the aircon filter becomes clogged, airflow can become obstructed as well. Once this occurs, warm air from outside the unit condenses on the fan coil and is unable to be released as cold air. This trapped air then turns to ice and melts, thereby causing a leak.

To ensure that your air filters are clean and to avoid leaks, don’t hesitate to seek assistance from a recommended aircon servicing company.



Examine The Drainage Tray


Because it’s made from metal, your aircon’s drainage tray (otherwise known as a condensate pan) can crack or rust after coming into contact with moisture. To confirm this, use a flashlight to check if it has accumulated debris, backups, or condensate. If so, contact professional aircon repair services to have it cleaned up.



Check Your Unit’s Refrigerant Levels

Low refrigerant levels may be an indication that your aircon doesn’t have enough coolant. As such, it is unable to release the circulating warm air into cold air. When this happens, the evaporator or condenser coils freeze and add pressure to the compressor. Ice eventually builds up thereby causing an aircon leak.

If low refrigerant levels have been confirmed as the cause of your aircon’s water leak, you can try having it resolved through an aircon gas top up. However, this cause can also indicate that you may have an aircon gas leak as well. One way to determine this is by listening for hissing noises from the back of the unit. In that case, immediately contact professional aircon servicing to prove you with assistance.



Analyze Current Weather Conditions


Some people prefer to use their aircon during cold weather or rainy seasons. However, doing so can actually cause your unit to become damaged and in need of an aircon repair. This is because the evaporator fan coils can freeze when it becomes unable to convert warm air into cold air during low temperature. As a result, ice can form and eventually melt thereby causing an aircon leak. Other aircon-related issues can occur as well. To prevent these, it is best that you avoid using your unit during cold weather.



Why You Should Contact Everyworks Singapore

If your aircon continues to leak even after trying the aforementioned methods, then feel free to contact Everyworks Singapore. With our crew of professionals, we can ensure that your aircon-related issues are resolved as quickly as possible.


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