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Possible Reasons Why Aircon Leaks

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Air conditioning is extremely vital for those currently residing in Singapore. In fact, it’s important to have a functional aircon to provide you comfort, especially during hot weather. Regular aircon repair and maintenance is also necessary in order to ensure that your unit doesn’t experience any issues such as aircon leaks.

Aircon leaks are an extremely messy problem and require close examination by a certified serviceman. As such, it’s important to be aware of their possible causes in order to get them resolved immediately. These include the following:


Poor Installation

One common reason for an aircon leak is failing to have your aircon installed by a reliable aircon repair servicing company. When this happens, the insulation behind the outdoor unit can deteriorate. This can then lead to several aircon leaks since the insulation is meant to absorb all the moisture produced by the copper pipes.


Air Flow Obstruction

Having the air filter of your unit obstructed by dust and other dirt after a long period of usage can cause the evaporator coil to form an icy layer due to condensation. As a result, water may seep out from the aircon and form puddles. In case you experience this issue, make sure to have a professional resolve it via an aircon repair.


Clogged Drainage Pipe


When condensation from the aircon fails to exit properly, water can end up accumulating in the drainage pipe which can then leak out from the front of the aircon. This type of problem can be difficult to resolve, so make sure to avail of professional aircon servicing to provide you with assistance should you experience it.


Lack of Aircon Maintenance

Failing to maintain your aircon unit can cause various aircon-related issues of different kinds. Nevertheless, these can easily be prevented if you adhere to certain practices. One of these involves cleaning your unit regularly and ensuring that all components are well-secured. It is also vital that you clean the air filter to clear away all signs of dust and other kinds of dirt that may be clogging the drainage pipe. For convenience, make sure to seek assistance through reliable aircon servicing.


Aircon leaks can be extremely bothersome. That said, knowing their causes can enable you to get them resolved as soon as possible. If you’re still having difficulty tracing the cause of your aircon leaks, don’t hesitate to avail yourself of our professional aircon services. See our price list for more information.

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