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Aircon Servicing Tips in Singapore

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An air conditioner that does not produce enough cold is unpleasant and an indication that it is due for regular aircon servicing. The following are some of the top air conditioner problems that face the people of Singapore and their maintenance tips that one can carry out on his own.



Before looking at other problems that could be making your air conditioner not to work properly or blowing warm air, one can undertake simple aircon maintenance tips like checking the vents of the air conditioner in every room. Dust, dirt, or any other blockages can lead to a reduction in the amount of air that circulates the room, hence leading to the release of warm air. All that could be needed in order to solve this problem is to clean the air conditioner filters thoroughly.


A dirty filter of the air conditioner could be the reason why it is producing warm air. The air conditioner filters should be checked regularly and if need be washed as a part of routine and regular maintenance. Always remember to turn off power on the air conditioner whenever you are starting any maintenance work of the air conditioner.



A flow of air that is limited is caused by blocked vents or air filters and can lead to a drop in the temperatures of air conditioner evaporator coils to an extent that they end up icing up hence reducing the effectiveness of the air conditioner. One can easily see the ice that is on the coils if that is the case. Basic maintenance of the air conditioner by cleaning the filters and the vents can improve on its efficiency.



  • A problem in the disconnect box could be the reason why an air conditioner is not producing the right temperatures. A multimeter is required in order to test the fuses in the box which are two and also some understanding of electricity is required. In Singapore, one can contact Everyworks aircon servicing company for a technician if they are not comfortable working with electricity.

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