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How to Do Your Own Normal Aircon Servicing

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Most Singaporeans are avid users of aircons due to the harsh summer weather that takes place all year round. If you happen to be one of them, take note that having your aircon serviced is a must. In fact, your aircon needs to be serviced regularly so that it can continue functioning at its maximum capacity. However, if you are on a tight budget and do not want to engage a professional aircon servicing company, you will need to learn the basics for servicing your aircon yourself. 

For normal aircon servicing, there are certain tasks that can be easily done yourself. Regular maintenance is not that tough, provided that you have the right aircon repair tools and proper aircon servicing knowledge. With that, here are some aircon servicing tips you should consider.


Unclog The Air Filters


If you find that your aircon smells bad, it may be due to a dirty aircon filter. The air filter is one of the key components of the entire air conditioning system and its main function is to eliminate any harmful components from the air in your home. Thus, it is important to maintain them so that you can enjoy fresh air. To keep your air filters free from dirt, maintain and clean your aircon regularly every two weeks.

Firstly, remove the casing of the aircon and check whether the aircon filter needs replacement. If it is worn out, you should get them replaced by an aircon servicing company.

If the filter is not worn out yet, you can proceed with cleaning your air filters. Remove the filters and wipe them with a cloth.  Afterward, clean them with a mixture of water and non-abrasive soap. After checking that they are completely dry, you can attach them back to the unit.  


Clean Off All Dirt From The Condensing Unit

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If you find your aircon is not cold enough,  it is possible that you have a blocked condenser. Because this component sucks the air into the aircon, you should ensure that no debris has lodged inside it.  Should there be any blockage, clean it off immediately.  However, if it seems completely irreparable, contact a professional aircon servicing company to have it replaced.


Unclog The Air Ducts

The air ducts of your air conditioner play an important role in keeping your home clean. But Over time, they may accumulate dust and debris which may cause aircon repair symptoms. Thus, make sure to inspect them as closely as possible.  Otherwise, avail of quarterly aircon servicing packages if they have incurred significant damage. 


Clear The Aircon Drain

The drain of the air conditioner should also be regularly cleaned. If not, there may be blockages that can lead to excess pressure on the unit which can deplete your aircon energy savings. Moreover,  it can lead to mold growing on the walls and ceilings, which may cause the aircon to malfunction. Thus, be sure to vacuum clean the drain as thoroughly as possible.  To do this, you can buy a cap from any local store and cap the drain on one side then vacuum clean the drain from the other side to remove all dust and particles.


Clean The Condenser Fan

Besides cleaning the condenser, it is also important to clean the condenser fan regularly to avoid technical issues that will need to be solved through expensive aircon repairs.  For best results, clear out the dust from the condenser fan with a brush.


Clean The Condenser Coils


The aircon coil must also be kept clean as dirt build-up inside it can cause an aircon not cold issue. Before you start cleaning, make sure to switch off the aircon and unplug it.  After that, take a commercial aircon cleaner. Spray it on the coil then wipe it off with a cloth or rinse it off with a hose. Remember to wear safety gloves to ensure that nothing gets stuck to your hands.


Check The Aircon’s Coolant Levels

 Normally, the aircon should not consume the Freon coolant so that it can continue to distribute cold air.  But in case this happens, you should check for signs of a coolant leak ( considered as one of the most common forms of aircon leaks).  Should such a leak be present, contact an aircon servicing company to repair your aircon. Remember that Coolant leaks are considered an aircon emergency,  and are harmful to both you and the environment.


Lubricate The Fan Motor


One of the most common aircon issues faced by homeowners is a noisy aircon, which can be caused by a damaged fan motor. Since the fan motor is also an important part of the air conditioning unit, you should lubricate it regularly so that it does not make any disturbing sounds. 

When cleaning the fan motor, remove the aircon’s cover first and then detach the fan. That way, you will be able to lubricate the fan parts easily.  However, if the condenser fan continues to emit disturbing sounds, you might want to contact a professional aircon servicing company to replace it.



When conducting aircon servicing yourself.  Make sure not to damage the various parts of the aircon to avoid any further issues. In case you experience difficulty,  engage an aircon service to help you.  Never forget that there are many affordable aircon maintenance companies in Singapore willing to render you assistance. 


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