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How Often Should You Get an Aircon Gas Top Up in Singapore

instagram-post-83- how-often-should-you-get-an-aircon-gas-top-up-in singapore-aircon-gas-top-up-everyworks-aircon-servicing-singapore-1

instagram-post-83- how-often-should-you-get-an-aircon-gas-top-up-in singapore-aircon-gas-top-up-everyworks-aircon-servicing-singapore-2

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Most people in Singapore require a residential or office aircon due to the constantly warm climate. But this also means they need regular aircon gas top ups done in order for their unit to last for a long time. However, if you’re not sure exactly when exactly you require an aircon gas top up, try taking note of the following signs:


There’s A Lack of Cold Air Coming From Your Aircon

Aircons are meant to produce fresh cold air so that you can be as comfortable as possible. So if you notice that your unit’s ventilation is warmer than usual, you might require an aircon gas top up. This is because a lack of coolant levels can prevent your unit from being able to freshen the warm air that it collects. By engaging an aircon maintenance company to refill your refrigerants, you’ll be able to restore adequate coldness to your working or home environment.


Your Aircon Is Leaking Water


Whenever an aircon unit lacks refrigerant, it’s unable to vaporize water completely and leads to an aircon leaking water. So in case you see water coming out from your unit, immediately engage an air conditioning service to conduct an aircon gas top up. Otherwise, your aircon might end up leaking too much water and become irreparable.


Your Aircon Hasn’t Been Inspected For Months

Those who own a residential or commercial/industrial aircon need to have it inspected every few months. This is to ensure that no damage is present and that the unit works as needed. But in case you haven’t had time to have yours examined, you may want to have an aircon gas top up done immediately. That way, you can prevent it from malfunctioning in case it’s experienced a heavy decrease in refrigerant levels.


Your Aircon Has Just Been Repaired


It’s normal for aircons to experience common aircon issues from time to time and undergo fixing. However, such issues can cause your unit’s refrigerant levels to decrease considerably. Because of this, it’s important to have a serviceman perform an aircon gas top up every time your unit undergoes an aircon repair.


Your Aircon’s Performance Has Decreased

If you don’t see any aircon leaks or other issues from your aircon but feel that it doesn’t perform as needed, you need to have an aircon gas top up done immediately. This is because low refrigerant levels can affect the way an installed aircon functions even without causing it considerable damage.


Your Aircon Won’t Stop Running

Whenever an installed aircon lacks enough refrigerant, it usually fails to reach the maximum cooling temperature and ends up running continuously. So if you notice that your unit won’t stop running, have an aircon gas top up performed on it quickly to prevent any further aircon emergencies.


Your Aircon Turns On and Off Frequently

A lack of refrigerant can cause some aircons (regardless of aircon brand) to power on and off constantly. This can cause the unit to experience electrical damage and even malfunction. So in case you experience such a problem, have an aircon gas top up performed on your installed aircon as soon as you can.


Your Evaporator Coils Become Frozen


No matter which aircon brand you buy from, a lack of refrigerant levels in your unit can prevent the evaporator coils from vaporizing water and cause them to become frozen. This then leads to your installed aircon malfunctioning and not being able to perform properly. So once you see that you have frozen evaporator coils, contact an aircon servicing company to perform an aircon gas top up for you.



Having an aircon gas top up performed on your installed aircon can provide many benefits. Some of these include.

To have an aircon gas top up done efficiently and professionally, contact Everyworks Singapore. Our crew are equipped with the best expertise and tools available to make sure your unit functions properly once more. For more information on our aircon servicing costs, be sure to view our price list.


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