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6 Situations You Will Need To Call For An HDB Plumber



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Knowing when to call an HDB plumber can prevent your home from sustaining significant damage in case problems with your plumbing home appliance products occur. Furthermore, a professional HDB plumber can provide significant assistance for any plumbing installations you need, such as toilet bowl or water heater. Other situations which require you to call an HDB plumber include the following:










  1. Lack of Hot Water Supply

Ensuring that your installed water heater has an adequate supply of hot water is important so that you can bathe or shower comfortably. That said, there can be times when said supply suddenly decreases. Reasons why this can occur include a damaged heating coil, a malfunctioning instant or storage water heater, or even defective connections. In order to identify the exact cause for why your supply of hot water is lacking, contact an HDB plumber for assistance. That way, you can ensure that your water or shower tap releases enough hot water once more.


  1. Leaking Water Heater








An instant or storage water heater installation can sometimes leak due to defective wiring or pipe damage. Although the plumbing leak may not seem too serious at first, it can eventually lead to excess flooding in your home if not tended to immediately. By calling an HDB plumber to examine it, you can easily determine whether you need a water heater replacement or repair. You will also reduce the risks of major accidents taking place if the leak was caused by electrical problems.


  1. Blocked Drain

There are times when homeowners unintentionally cause big amounts of waste to trickle into their shower set installation or bathtub’s drain. When this occurs, a drain choke can occur which can eventually lead to flooding. There is also the possibility of your pipes experiencing severe damage which can then result in several pipe leaks. In addition, a clogged drain pipe can cause major health issues once it starts to emit a foul odor. As such, make sure to call a professional plumber with HDB services to resolve it as quickly as possible so that you can avoid any negative side effects.


  1. Toilet Bowl Blockage









As is the case with a sink choke or bathtub choke, toilet bowl chokes can occur when large amounts of waste are flushed down the toilet. Such blockage can also result from long-term usage of the toilet bowl installation itself. Usually, minor clogs can be eliminated through the use of special cleaning solutions or a plunger. But should your clog be much more severe, it is best to ask help from a reliable plumber specializing in HDB services. They can quickly identify the tools they need to clear your toilet bowl choke and determine whether any additional repairs are needed.


  1. Faucet Leaks









Although some homeowners might opt to ignore water leaks coming from their water tap, doing so can cause a significant increase in your water bills. Moreover, leaving the leak unattended can eventually prove to be highly distracting. While you can try to remedy the problem by replacing the rubber washer or covering your kitchen or bathroom faucet with plumbing tape, take note that it only resolves the leak temporarily. In fact, it is better to engage an HDB plumber once you notice your bathroom or kitchen sink tap constantly dripping. This will provide you with an opportunity to have a much more durable faucet installed and reduce your chances of receiving costly water bills.


  1. Pipe Leaks







Water pipe leaks usually come about due to cracked or burst pipes. In most instances, they manifest themselves by causing dripping from the ceiling or dampness in the walls. Either way, it can lead to major flooding in your home and eventually cause significant damage to your electrical devices and furniture. Therefore, once you notice this problem, it is crucial that you engage a plumber as soon as possible. With the use of special diagnostic tools, they can assist you in examining your plumbing pipes and quickly determine the cause of their water leaks. Moreover, they can easily tell whether you require a water pipe repair or replacement.



By hiring a plumber to help you with your HDB plumbing issues, you can easily prevent any major damage from occurring in your home as well as avoid high water bills. In addition, you will be able to reduce the risks of accidents which might take place if you were to resolve such problems alone. For professional plumbing solutions, contact us at Everyworks Singapore. We have a team of licensed plumbers who are well-trained and have long experience in conducting various plumbing works. View our price list to know more about our servicing costs.

At Everyworks Singapore, we strive to provide the best home maintenance services for Singaporeans. As such, we ensure fast appointment arrangements, immediate customer response, and highly fair and affordable costs for any services which you might need. Our extremely professional and experienced electricians, plumbers, aircon servicing technicians, and handymen also make sure that our clients’ repairs and installations are done thoroughly and quickly as seen on our many positive Facebook reviews and Google reviews. To learn more about our home services, feel free to view our past home maintenance articles and works. For quick appointment booking, contact our responsive customer support team either by sending a picture or quick text through our Whatsapp at +65 8241 0032.


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