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Things To Consider When Drilling Into Different Types of Walls



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Drilling a hole into your wall for any form of handyworks (be it carpentry or furniture assembly) is known to be a very meticulous task. What’s more, any mistakes that take place can be extremely costly. To help you out in case you need to install a TV bracket or photo frames, we have listed some things to consider when drilling certain wall types.


  1. Identify Your Wall Type








It is highly important to know exactly what type of wall you need to drill for installing a TV bracket and other items. This is because different wall types have varying levels of durability, with some even requiring hacking. If you are unsure of the tools your wall requires, try exploring the following:


  • Drywalls or Plaster Walls

Many HDB and condo apartments in Singapore consist of plaster walls or drywalls. Because of this, a drywall drill bit is required when drilling holes into them. A drywall anchor is also normally used to ensure that items such as an installed curtain rod are hanged securely and do not fall from place.


  • Wall Studs or Wooden Walls

Wooden walls and wall studs are considered relatively easier to drill for portraits or hanging whiteboards. That said, they can incur considerable damage when drilled using the wrong tools. Hence, if your home is made from wooden walls or wall studs, be sure to use a wood drill bit to make it easier to install hooks and nails for hanging pictures and wall-mounted artwork.


  • Stone or Brick Walls

For hard walls such as brick or stone walls, it is recommended to drill them using a masonry bit. This consists of soft steel and tips of tungsten carbide to ensure easy penetration. Furthermore, many professional handymen recommend using it once you get through the initial layer of paint or plaster.


  • Glass or Ceramic Walls

Naturally, ceramic or glass walls can easily break or crack if drilled using improper equipment. To prevent them from sustaining damage, many professional handymen recommend drilling them using sharp spear-like tips made of carbine as well as straight shanks. Be sure to apply mild pressure when using these tools so you do not create irregular holes in your wall.


  1. Determine The Proper Area For Drilling









When drilling your walls for wall mounting installations and so on, it is important to determine the right place to drill so you do not damage any concealed pipes or electrical wiring. Besides that, also take note of the following:

  • Whether you are installing a pull-up bar or TV bracket, always avoid drilling nails into walls surrounded by various electrical connections. But if you have no other choice, then disable your power supply first before drilling to prevent electrical shocks.
  • Try to determine the location for your pipe lines. That way, you will be able to avoid causing water leaks when drilling holes into your bathroom
  • For accuracy, many cheap handyman services recommend using a pencil to thoroughly mark and measure the area where you want to drill.
  • To get the perfect hole depth when drilling your walls, see to it that your drills come with depth gauges. Otherwise, mark the proper depth for your drill bit using masking tape.
  1. Practice Proper Safety Measures

To avoid accidents while drilling your walls, always make use of safety goggles and masks the same way many handymen in Singapore do. That way, you can prevent any shard or debris from getting into your eyes or even your lungs. Make sure to also practice vigilance when making contact with electrical wires and pipe lines so you don’t cause electrical or plumbing damage. For more electrical safety tips, feel free to consult cheap handyman services.


  1. Steps in Correctly Using Your Drill









  1. Make sure that the bit is perpendicular to the area where you intend to drill.
  2. Position the tip of the drill onto the area where you intend to make a hole for your TV mount or wall hook installation
  3. Next, gently squeeze the drill’s trigger.
  4. Gradually increase the pressure you apply on the trigger to enhance your drilling speed.
  5. Once you are able to create the right hole depth for your assembled furniture or decorations, slow down your drill and remove the bit.
  6. If you are making use of a wall anchor while drilling a hole for your wall mirror and other items, tap it carefully using a rubber mallet to make sure it is securely fixed.


5. Seek Help From Drilling Services

If you still have doubts about drilling holes into your wall yourself, feel free to seek help from professional drilling services. For best results, contact Everyworks Singapore. Our professional and licensed handymen can make sure that anything you wish to affix onto your wall is firmly secured. See our price list for more info on our handyman servicing costs.


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This article is reproduced from A1 Handyman Singapore.


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