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Differences Between Storage Water Heater And Instant Water Heater

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Most Singapore residents have water heaters installed in their homes for the convenience of providing warm showers. But before purchasing a water heater, you should take into consideration the features between a storage water heater and an instant water heater. Let’s find out more about these water heaters – storage water heater and instant water heater – and which would be ideal for your home.  











Storage Water Heater 

One of the key benefits of a storage water heater is that it enables use of hot water whenever needed. When you have it switched on, cold water is heated up and stored. The storage tank insulates the warm water and reheats occasionally, so that you will always have warm water for your showers. As a result, a storage water heater typically uses up more energy due to automatic reheating. One tip to follow is to switch off the heater when not in use. Alternatively, you can consider an instant water heater which would be more energy-efficient. 














Another factor you should take note of is space. Since storage water heaters tend to take up a lot of space, they are typically hidden from view and tucked away in your bathroom’s false ceiling. All storage heaters are bulky because it is capable of storing 30 to 100 litres of water, especially the newer models. A commonly used capacity in Singapore is 40 litres and is sufficient for up to 4 people in a household. Some products include the Andris Ariston Lux 30LAriston PRO R Slim 100L, and Joven JH 56. 

Once you have installed a storage water heater, it is advised to also carry out water heater maintenance every 5 years. This is to flush the tank of sediments and residues after years of use. It is also done to clear the water filters and prevent a situation where your water heater is leaking. To do so, engage a professional plumber like Everyworks Plumber Singapore. 













Instant Water Heater 

These heaters do not use a reserve to keep water. When you turn on the faucet, the water heater quickly heats the water directly. As water passes through the heat exchanger, it gets heated up to whatever temperature you desire. The advantage of using an instant water heater are that it does not require as much energy as water is only heated up when needed. 


An instant water heater in Singapore is usually less expensive to install unlike storage heaters. If your household size is larger, it may be cost-friendlier to install a storage water heater. The best-selling instant water heaters are Ariston SMC33 or 707 compact instant water heater; and the most popular storage water heaters are Ariston Andris Lux  and Joven Electric Storage Water Heaters. 

Instant water heaters now have new technology that makes it even more discreet and space-friendlier than storage water heaters. Remember to also maintain your instant water heaters every 3 years to 5 years for optimal performance. 


Ultimately, the choice is yours to make between a storage water heater and instant water heater. Both are great home appliances but it truly depends on the functionality and space of your home. When it comes to the water heater installation, you may find it useful to note some things during a water heater installation. Otherwise, call Everyworks Plumber Singapore and we will send over our team of professional plumbers to help you through the process of installation. 


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