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5 DIY Ways to Unclog Your Toilet Bowl Choke



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A clogged or choked toilet not only poses an unsanitary plumbing issue, it is also a frustrating one when toilet bowls choke frequently and having to deal with it constantly. Try these DIY methods on your toilet bowl that usually work in unclogging your toilet bowl choke to fix common toilet bowl issues.



  1. Baking Soda and Vinegar

In a medium-sized measuring cup, mix together 1/3 cup vinegar and 1/3 cup baking soda over the toilet bowl. Be aware that the chemical reaction will immediately cause the mixture to instantly fizz or bubble up quickly. So, pour the mixture down the drain quickly.









  1. Pour some hot water

One simple way of dislodging a choke in the toilet bowl is to pour a big volume of hot water into the toilet bowl. The impact and the heat of the water may push against the clog to try and get it to “move” or dissolve. You may add vinegar as well to utilise its acidic properties. Wait for a few minutes before flushing to see if the clog is resolved.










  1. Use a bent wire hanger

Get out a standard wire coat hanger and straighten it out with a little hook at the end. This is so you can use the length of it to snake down the toilet bowl drain pipe, and try to snag what is causing the choke in the toilet bowl. This will help you remove certain types of choke that can be fished out like that such as hair, waste materials, cloth-based materials or cotton-based materials.  from the toilet drain. Be careful not to push whatever is clogged further. But pull them out, if possible. Once you have taken out as much as possible from the toilet drain, you may want to pour hot water to give a clear up any residuals in the toilet drain.

  1. Use a drain snake

A drain snake is an affordable plumbing tool that can give wonderful results to resolve a clogged toilet drain. This piece of equipment which has a long metal rope with a metal spiral ending, is very flexible. You can insert it and push it to remove the objects that have caused the blockage in the toilet bowl choke.












  1. Use dish detergent

A dish detergent can also alleviate your clogged toilet bowl worries. All you do is pour a quarter cup of dish detergent directly into the bowl. The dish detergent will lubricate and degrade any residue of greasy materials. Next is to pour down boiling water, and start plunging. If the situation persists even after using the plunger, the next best option is to call a plumber.


If you have tried the methods above, and the plumbing choke in the toilet bowl persists, we recommend that hiring our plumbing services will help you to quickly and resolve your toilet bowl choke.


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