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Things to Note During Your Toilet Bowl Installation

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Knowing the larger picture of the toilet bowl installation process helps you understand how your toilet bowl works. And in case you encounter any toilet bowl issues the next time, it helps you have a good estimate if your plumber is giving you a reasonable diagnosis.


Note these crucial points during the toilet bowl installation, be it doing It yourself or by a professional plumber who is experienced in toilet bowl services.












  • Toilet Bowl

Primarily, the toilet bowl is top on the list. This must be considered first before you start any attempts at its installation. Choosing the right toilet bowl for you goes beyond the brand, style, and function, which is why it is what you need to consider first. If you are looking for some toilet bowl brands to start with, we carry toilet bowl products that can suit all types of budgets.











  • Toilet Flush System

When browsing for a toilet bowl, you should consider what type of toilet flush system you want to be installed. There are so many different types because they can come with features that both clean and flush your toilet bowl better.













  • Wax ring

A wax ring prevents any leakage around the toilet bowl joint that is connected to the drainage pipe. It is usually placed around the pan collar of the toilet. Installation of the wax ring is important to get correct as it will help with the prevention of toilet bowl leaks and toilet bowl chokes.


  • Leveling the toilet bowl

Make use of a torpedo level to check if the toilet bowl is even from the front-to-back and side-to-side. If the toilet bowl is not leveled, you may face common toilet bowl issues due to poor installation.














  • Tank Fill Level

When the toilet flush system is set up, you can request your plumber to help you with some adjustments to your toilet bowl valve or flapper. These components can help you determine how much water you want your tank to fill up after flushing. This will help you save water in your toilet. Inspect for any leakages and make adjustments to the fill valve to ensure that the water meets the fill line.













  1. Caulking the toilet bowl base

This step is optional to enhance the aesthetics of the toilet bowl. Caulking refers to the application of a rubber sealant around the base of the toilet bowl. It is advised to leave a small gap around the caulk so that any toilet bowl leaks can be detected early.


And that concludes your walkthrough over the toilet bowl installation process. After you are familiar with the process, you can now have extra assurance for the toilet bowl installation, and extra familiarity with the plumber so that if there are any other issues in the future the plumber would be able to pinpoint the issue easily.


However, if the process still puzzles you, it might be in your best interest to get a professional plumber to assist you with the toilet bowl installation process.


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