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Different Types of Flush Systems

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There are many types of toilet flush designs and you should consider what type of toilet bowl is installed and choose which toilet flush system design might work well with it. It also depends on what features you might want your toilet to come with (i.e. sensor flush, in-built bidet spray etc.)  If you are looking for a new toilet flush because you have been facing issues with it , consider the choices carefully, or else you might end up buying an ill-fitting toilet flush system for the toilet bowl brand.


Gravity Flush











The most common type of flush system found in households and commercial spaces is the gravity flush system. The toilet cistern would hold as much water as it could and quickly forced down to create pressure, combined with gravity, needed to flush the waste away.

The type of toilet bowl you choose can work well with the gravity flush as some 2-piece toilets will come with a toilet cistern component, that is installed as far away from the toilet bowl to increase the pressure – the further, the harder the flush.

Besides creating high pressure to effectively clear waste down the drainage pipe, it also cleans a part of your toilet bowl the size of your flush radius. This helps in ensuring you will not face a toilet bowl choke.



Dual Flushing System









With the dual flushing system, you can choose between a partial and full flush depending on the volume or type of waste in your toilet bowl. If you prefer to have this function with your toilet bowl, indicate this to your recommended plumber to help you install the flushing system.



Double Cyclone Flush System       










An eco-friendly toilet flush system option you can consider is the double cyclone flush system. It consists of two spouts located in the toilet bowl, where the flush water combines with gravity in water spiraling technique to jet clean the toilet bowl as it flushes.

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