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Tips to Prevent Drain and Floor Trap Chokes

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We can all agree that prevention is better than cure when it comes to a plumbing choke, especially when some minimal, regular maintenance can save you money on plumbing fees. So, it would be prudent to follow the useful tips we have compiled below: 

  • Regular maintenance 

Regular maintenance of your drainage pipes will ensure that your drainage pipes remains clog-free. Sometimes certain items, like the ones mentioned above, gets into the system and will cause a clog. A professional and reliable plumber can help to detect these early signs of clogs and prevent it from escalating with regular pipe maintenance. 













  • Install a lint catcher on your washing machine 

Drain chokes can also happen in washing machines too. Lint are tiny pieces of fabric, that gets washed down during the process of cleaning. Together with other foreign items, like small coins, tissues or receipts that are accidentally not removed, will work its way through the drain hole and clog up the floor trap.  Having a lint catcher will enable these tiny materials to be trapped in it and easily disposed of without harming the drainage system. 


  • Make use of bacterial drain cleaners 

Hairfall is the number one cause of floor trap chokes in the bathroom, and food waste is the main culprit of kitchen sink chokes. If your drain choke seems to be reoccurring occasionally, it may be best to make drain cleaners a regular feature in your grocery list. When you see a sign of a choke coming along, pour some drain cleaner to dissolve some of the organic matter. 










However, this is not a long-term solution, and if you are looking for one, get a professional plumber to come check it out for you and make appropriate recommendations. Heavy use of chemical drain cleaners is also harmful to the environment. 


  • Avoid dumping cooking oil down the sink 

Cooking oil can coagulate and form a semi-solid state over time when left to cool. You wont be able to do anything about it either if the grease or oil has already travelled down the pipe to settle there. if left untouched and in the open. If you pour it down the sink, it will form a clog together with any materials that gets stuck on it, leading to a kitchen sink choke. In order to avoid this, wait for the oil to cool down and throw it away in a bag. Any significant oily residue left in the cooking pot that cannot be poured away should be soaked up by a kitchen towel, and disposed of to minimise the amount of grease down your kitchen sink pipes. 








  • Install hair catchers 

Hair and soaps are the main cause of shower drain clogs when they both come together. Install a wire mash at the drainage to catch any hair before it gets into the drainage system. The collected hairs and residuals can be disposed of easily by removing the wire mash from the floor trap. 


  • Clear all food waste in the trash 

When we say all food waste, we literally mean all food waste, even the tiniest bit of rice grains left on your used bowl. This is because food waste can accumulate in the drainage system overtime and when decomposed, its acidic secretions may even corrode your drain pipes. You can install a waste catcher in your sink, and when you are doing the dishes, it will catch any food waste so that you can dispose of it when it becomes full. 











Even after following all the prevention tips, and you are still encountering one of the above drain choke or floor trap chokes, it will be useful to try out some DIY ways of clearing minor chokes yourself. Otherwise, be sure to call a reliable plumber in to avoid any of these plumbing mistakes, that might cause you expensive repair fees! 

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This article is reproduced from Mr Plumber Singapore 

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