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Most Likely Causes of Your Drain and Floor Trap Chokes

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One of the most common plumbing problems experienced in both residential and commercial settings is clogged drain pipes. In order to solve these plumbing chokes and prevent them from happening, we must know what are the causes of these drain and floor trap chokes. Clogged drain pipes also usually are related to drains or floor traps to choke as well, which is why having a plumber come check it out for a full inspection is wise. 


Causes of drain/floor trap choke 


Before knowing what is the best way to unclog the drain choke, we must first identify what may be the cause of it to get to the root of the problem. Here are some of the main culprits causing the floor trap to choke 










  • Hair 

Most people lose about 100 strands of hair per day and the majority of this amount is lost in the shower. People on average spend about half an hour in the bathroom to shower. Now imagine this amount of hair fall multiplied by the number of people in your family using the shower. Thats a lot of hair! Install a hair catcher on top of your floor trap to collect the hair to be thrown away, rather than flushing it down the drain pipe.   











  • Soap 

Soap, especially those solid bar soaps, can cause a choke to happen. Compared to liquid soap, these bars of soap tend to harden quickly when they are in contact with cool water. As such, this soap residue hardens into a clog that will choke your drain pipes. This is just one of the few common mistakes people make as it has got to do with misconceptions of how your plumbing works. 











  • Grease 

Grease from cooking oil should not be poured down your kitchen sink pipes as they act just like the bar of soap and harden into a block in the pipe. As such, it is always a good idea to wait for the oil to cool down and throw it away in a bag. Any significant oily residue left in the cooking pot that cannot be poured away should be soaked up by a kitchen towel, and disposed of to minimise the amount of grease that will eventually choke your kitchen sink drain pipes. 











  • Foreign objects 

Sometimes foreign objects can find their way into the drainage pipe, which will cause the pipes to clog. These items can range from dead insects, solid food waste, small toys or plastic waste. 


  • Dirt & Dust 

Dirt and dust accumulate over time, especially around areas that are easily ignored. It will clump with moisture and form a solid substance after a while and begin to clog up the floor trap. 











  • Dislodged Pipes 

The drain pipes in the foundation may have suffered from some wear and tear. With the different temperature changes, wet and dry conditions and ground movement over time, your pipes may have moved out of alignment or corroded. If that is so, a plumber can perform an inspection for you and help you by installing new pipes 


Some of the situations can easily be avoided with a little regular maintenance to prevent drain chokes from happening too frequently in your household or commercial space. This is so you can avoid spending on unnecessary expensive plumbing fees.  

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