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Ways to Unclog a Drain Choke/Floor Trap Choke 

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After finding out the cause of your drain or floor trap choke, the first step in clearing it, is to get the right plumbing tools. These tools or solutions can be found easily in a DIY hardware store or your supermarket. Having these plumbing tools handy with you may be useful to have in your house for future plumbing chokes you may encounter.



Get the tools 

The first step in fixing a clogged drain pipe or clearing a floor trap choke is to get the right tools. When encountering a drain or floor trap choke, the first sign is due to water draining slowly. However, if you find standing water and it is not draining out at all, the first plumbing tool you should reach for is a plunger to try and drain the water first. Only after the water is drained can the root problem be tackled head-on. 













Get a Plunger 

At the location of the choke, uncover any obstruction on it and bring a plunger to it. Give it a few vigorous pump to use air pressure to dislodge the choke somehow, to allow the water to drain off at least.  In case you are unable to clear the drain with a plunger then you can: 


Make your own Cleaning Solution 

When the water is clear, try to identify what the clog is and remove it. If the clog is far down the pipe, you might want to use a metal wire to dig it out. If you cannot see a clog as far down as your vision could go, you might want to use a drain cleaner to dissolve this choke matter. A homemade solution of vinegar, baking soda and lemon seems to be the most popular concoction. 









The remedy is to put down hot water down the trap, and then put 3-4 spoons or half a cup of baking soda and leave it for 5 minutes, afterwards put one cup of vinegar and a cup of boiling water and leave it for 10 minutes. 

However, generally if there is accumulated dirt for a long time, this solution won’t work. You might then want to try a chemical drain cleaner. 



Buy a Chemical Drain Cleaner 

Another easy fix to purchase drain cleaners and use them for clearing the drain chokes regularly. There are many effective cleaners in the market will be prove to be a quick fix for cleaning drained pipes clearing floor trap chokes and clearing floor traps. 













Use a Plumbing Snake 

This is a common item that most plumbers that handles clog cases have. It is made up of a flexible coil of wire that can navigate through the drain or floor trap choke easily. After navigating the drain/floor trap, its main role is to apply pressure upon the cause of the choke, to break it down so that the drainage can flow again. 












Wet/dry vacuum cleaner 

A wet/dry vacuum cleaner, also known as a shopvac, works like a normal vacuum cleaner but can be used for wet and dry functions.  is engineered to function in the presence of water bodies. Like a normal vacuum cleaner, it can suck out the waste, but in the case of a floor trap choke, this can only be done once the water has been sucked out. Once the water has been removed, a seal would need to be made around the area (i.e. with a towel) in order for the vacuum to be strong enough to suck the clog out. 


Call a Professional Plumber 

In case you’re facing another problem for which you don’t think there is a home remedy then you can call Everyworks Plumber and we will use our advanced tools and machinery to help you solve the issue fast. 

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