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How To Choose The Right Toilet Bowl For You?



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The toilet bowl is one of the most important aspects of any toilet, so it would be wise to choose one that would fit the comfort of your home. When considering a toilet bowl replacement in Singapore, there are a few things to consider:Toilet bowls come in various brands, and your choice of toilet bowl should depend on the kind of bathroom that you have and your personal preference. Find out how to choose the right toilet bowl in Singapore for your own toilet. 












Type of Toilet Bowl 

There are one-piece as well as two-piece models. One-piece toilets are an integral unit consisting of the bowl and the tank together. These usually have a more designer feel because of its sleek appearance. It is also priced higher than the standard two-piece toilets. Two-piece toilets are widely used in Singapore, consisting of a toilet tank flush system and a toilet bowl. You can also find ‘smart’ toilets having functions like self-cleaning and adjustable temperature heated seats, but be prepared to spend a lot more for these luxuries. 











Toilet Bowl Operation 

How the toilet bowl is set up to help you flush is important as it can suit different kind of ability needs. The most common one in households are the gravity-assisted flushing mechanism, and the upgraded kinds, are vacuum-assisted —  where the waste is sucked out, rather than relying fully on gravity pressure. There also tip-bucket toilets which are more or less outdated, where the toilet tank is located high above the toilet bowl towards the ceiling. When a chain is pulled, the bucket in the toilet tank tips to pour water into the toilet bowl.  



Type of design 

Modern toilets are available in different configurations to match varied needs and uses. Consider the design of the toilet bowl from its bowl shape to the different toilet bowl parts. Choose from toilet bowls that are round-front, compact-elongated or elongated in form. Also, check the location of the flush-handle which could be positioned over the top lid or on the right or left side of the tank. This primarily contributes to the aesthetics of the your toilet bowl, and how comfortable it is to sit on it.  


Height of seat 

Chair-height toilets have their seat about 48cm over the floor, while standard-height toilets have seats at 43cm in height and custom-height toilets can have them at a height of 38cm to 71cm over the floor. There are toilets with visible trap configurations and toilets with hidden-trap configurations you may want to consider. If unsure, consult an experienced plumber such as Everyworks Plumber Singapore to assist you. 



Flushing technology 

Toilet bowls come with varied styles of flush systems that will enhance the flushing power and coverage of your toilet bowl – single flush, dual flush and touchless flush. An example of an eco-friendly dual flush system toilet bowl is the Saniton Camellia ST2488-SC3033IB-3 2-piece toilet bowl. It uses water from the IB spout to refill into the cistern for the next flush. While picking a toilet bowl, also consider the tank volume and the leakage potential. With the right choice, you can significantlysave water in your toilet by reducing your water wastage and lower your monthly water bills. 


In conclusion, you should take into account these factors to consider before purchasing a toilet bowl for your home. Choose the toilet bowl that fits with the theme of your bathroom and fits into your budget. Call Everyworks Plumber Singapore for consultation and repair or replacement plumbing works. 


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