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How Do You Know If You Have A Toilet Flush Problem?

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Some signs of trouble from your toilet will likely lead to a toilet flush problem. It could be due to the age or the quality of toilet flush system itself, or simply wear and tear from usage. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms below, be sure to check out the toilet flush system:










  1. Weak flush

Toilets sometimes have a “weak” or “lazy” flush after several years of use. If your toilet doesn’t seem to have a powerful enough flush, here are the few things you’d need to check the :


  • Water in the toilet cistern / toilet tank. Perhaps a low flush volume is due to insufficient water filled up in the tank.










  • Flush Valve. The flush valve is usually located in the centre, where it controls the amount of water flowing into the tank, and capping it shut when it is full. If this is leaking because the water seal is broken, or immovable, this is probably the reason for having inadequate water in the tank for flushing.


  • Water supply is turned off. There is possibility the water supply to it is shut off.











  • Debris in the toilet tank. For any reason where there may have been sediments or debris matter in the toilet tank, they could be blocking the jet hole where the flush water is released through; resulting in a weak flush. Fixing this is imperative as it indicates a compromise in the integrity of your toilet bowl. It can also eventually contribute to a toilet bowl choke.










  1. Partial Flush

Slightly similar to a weak flush in the sense that it is not enough water volume for the flush, but it still works powerfully. Checking the flush valve or the flapper valve to see if it’s working correctly is the key here.

Normally, it should cap shut after at least 80% of the tank is filled. If it somehow stops before the water tank is adequately filled for a good flush, then it is the cause of this problem.


  1. Phantom Flush

This is when your toilet flushes itself without any initiative. This might not happen as often, but when it does, rest assured there’s an explanation for this spooky symptom. The flush valve may be worn-out and causes the water tank to constantly drain and refill, causing a pressure that pulls down the flush stopper to flush itself. You can consider this a plumbing emergency to warrant an immediate call for a plumber, as this causes a massive amount of water being needlessly wasted.







  1. Toilet Leaking Into Bowl

After a flush, do you feel that the water tank does not seem to stop filling up? Or do you see that there is water flow movement in the toilet bowl? This is likely a toilet bowl leak where the water from your toilet tank is leaking into the toilet bowl. Here are some ways you detect a toilet bowl water leak.

There are other reasons for a toilet bowl leak too, but this symptom indicates a fault in the toilet flush. This can be easily taken care of by Everyworks Plumber Singapore.


  1. Double flush

After flushing once, the tank fills up and flush again automatically. This is again likely due to the flush valve acting out again. It is probably because it did not close at the appropriate time when the tank is filling up again, so the water is released back into the toilet bowl. By proxy, the water tank is filling up too much and too quickly, so the second flush volume is released.

When looking a toilet flush replacement, be sure to consider the different types of toilet flush best-suited for your needs.


  1. Whistling Tank

Is there a high-pitched whistling sound after you flush? A toilet should not do that. The sound is associated with something that is not working properly. As time goes by, the fill valve will experience wear and tear and its internal components will deteriorate resulting in the whistling sound. The whistling sound is an early sign that your toilet flush is failing. To avoid high water bills and expensive fees for plumbing repair, attend to it early with a reliable plumber.











  1. Slow fill

If a toilet tank can fill up too fast, it can also fill up too slow. A few causes could point to the flapper not opening all the way, a clog in the supply line or the flush valve is set for a low-volume tank fill. Low water pressure can also cause the tank to have a slow fill. In this case, the pressure pump will likely be the main culprit as it may be faulty.











  1. Flush button spoil

When you try to flush the toilet, and pressing the button does not activate the flush, a toilet flush replacement is definitely in order. When the button is pushed, it presses on the toilet flush valve, that activates the flush. If you open up the cover and see that it loose, or stuck in a “down position”, it is spoilt and a replacement is required because it cannot be repaired.

No matter what kind of system you may have for your toilet bowl, if it breaks down, you will have to get it changed. Even if you do not know how to go about changing the toilet flush system, it would be good to have some knowledge as to how it is replaced. You can always engage a reliable plumber to help you with the replacement.

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