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Common Toilet Bowl Issues And How To Fix It

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Whether in residential or commercial areas, plumbing issues are bound to arise when not treated carefully. Things such as a leaking toilet bowl and a choked toilet bowl are some of the common toilet bowl issues. Most of these issues are comparatively simple to solve and any homeowner and business owner can do the plumbing work. Let’s take a look at the common toilet bowl issues and how you can fix them. 


1. Large Volume Flush 

Large-volume flushing happens when the water level in the water tank is set too high, causing the toilet to flush twice to release the over-capacity water.  

You may want to lower the water inlet amount from the supply valve, which is found usually on the side or back of the toilet bowl. However, this is only a temporary fix to your toilet bowl issue. If it happens even after adjusting the valve, you may want to consider engaging a plumber to examine the toilet bowl parts. 




2. Partial Flush 

On the other hand, if the flush is too weak such that it seems like a partial flush, it may be caused by the flapper valve dropping too quickly due to waterlogging. This is another common residential plumbing emergency  

Observe the valve while flushing. The flapper needs to stay up until around 80% or more amount of water happens to have drained from your toilet tank. If it is observed to drop too fast, a new replacement flapper is needed for the toilet flush system. 









3. Toilet Bowl Choke 

A clear sign of a clogged toilet bowl is when water accumulates in your bowl and drains slowly. Your toilet might be experiencing a partial toilet bowl choke, or there could be a real clog downstream from your toilet. Neither of them is an ideal scenario to happen in your home or office.  

Try pouring a bucket full of water into the toilet, with as little splashing as possible. If the water passes through easily, then it may not be a clog. You may try these other methods of unclogging a clogged toilet, but if it seems impossible on your end, it is recommended to seek a plumbing contractor for help.   


4. Slow Tank Fill 

This issue could arise from a shut-off valve present beneath the tank and is partly closed. It is a result of restricted water flow into the tank that might be caused by the previous owner or the plumber previously engaged.  

When the shut-off valve is not affixed at the current position, you could adjust the switch to enable an increase in the output flow. If it is permanently affixed, depending on the type of establishment that you need assistance for, you need an HDB plumber or a commercial plumber to assist you on the issue. 



5. Toilet Bowl Leak 

A few factors that may have caused this include a wear-and-tear of the wax/rubber ring between the toilet base and the drainage pipe, or it might be from the water supply or even condensation.  


You may want to check if the leaking comes from the pan collar at the base of the toilet bowl or the supply line from the toilet tank. Drop a few drops of food colouring into the toilet bowl flush tank. If you see the colour appear in the toilet bowl, the leak is from the tank. Here are some other ways you can detect water leaks. In any case, your toilet leaking is not a good sign and you should engage a professional plumber for this. 


Now that you know what are the various toilet bowl issues, you are better prepared to identify them when it arises. If left untreated, it could lead to flooding and cause a sewage mess in your toilet. Call a plumber immediately to resolve the issue. For other toilet related issues such as shower services, you may also contact Everyworks Plumber Singapore. 


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