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6 Signs Of An Electrical Wiring Repair Or Replacement

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Electrical wiring is an important component in every household as many of us use electrical appliances on a daily basis. As such, an old or damaged electrical wiring would need proper electrical re-wiring with the help of certified electricians. Remember to carry out this step quickly because if you do not install a new electrical wiring in your home, you are more likely to face major electrical problems in the future. Hence, we encourage you to take note of these 6 signs that show you need an electrical wiring repair and replacement.


Wires wearing out

Any electric wire found in your house is subject to frays due to heat, age, corrosion, and general wear-and-tear. Be aware that screws and nails are likely to damage the wires with their sharp edges. More often than not, rodents also chew on electrical wires, which can lead to eventual damage.  If you sense any kind of rodent activity, ensure to check each wiring in your house and look for potential frays. This damaged electrical wiring is a serious threat to your safety as it can lead to further electrical problems. Hence, you should rewire your electrical systems as soon as possible. Better yet, call a professional electrician like Everyworks Electrician Singapore to ensure that it is done properly.



Immoderate heat damage

Found any scorch marks or warm, burnt spots on your electrical switches or power sockets? These might be obvious signs of improper electrical wiring in Singapore. Do take note that electrical switches and outlets should not be warm to touch, otherwise, it may indicate a case of overheating. This is the reason it is important to know what to consider when planning electrical works to avoid such problems from occurring. In cases where heat damage is apparent on your electrical wiring, immediately call a licensed electrician to troubleshoot and fix the problem for you.



Circuit breaker tripping

Circuit breakers that frequently trip are an indication of overloading. When such a scenario happens, a trained and experienced electrician is able to properly inspect the situation and make the necessary electrical repair needed. If there is critical damage on your electrical wires or circuit breaker, an electrical panel replacement might be required to be done. To avoid such problems, always opt for a professional electrician service, especially when reinstallation of an electrical component or appliance is needed.



A smoky power socket

In any situation concerning electricity, any form of smoke emitting from your power socket is an ultimate warning sign that tells you to replace your power socket. When you notice such things happening, quickly switch off the power. If unable to locate the cause of the smoke, switch the main power supply or circuit breaker at home and call a certified electrician for help to replace your burnt power socket.



Lights beginning to dim

If your lighting installations tend to dim when you switch on some electrical outlets, then it is highly likely that your circuit or electrical wiring is overloaded. To ensure your safety is not compromised, troubleshoot the issue by specifically inspecting both your circuit and electrical wiring. Better yet, call a professional electrician to ensure that your house wiring is working properly.



Loose connections

Over time, connections between electrical switches and wires loosen due to frequent usage and old age. With this, you should regularly check and ensure all switch plates and outlet covers are in good condition, to ensure your electrical wiring is properly and effectively secured inside its container. If you detect any signs of broken, cracked, or missing plates, get those replaced at the earliest possible time or opt for an electrical rewiring service by a professional electrician.


Whether a smoky power socket or loose connection, call a professional like Everyworks Electrician Singapore to solve the problem. We have many tips to getting electrical works done in Singapore and are able to help you with all your home services issues. Do not attempt to repair the electrical switches on your own as it dangerous and could cause more damage than its initial state. While at it, you might want to change any light switches or light bulbs that are not properly working. When all the electrical works are complete, you can have a house that is fully functioning again.


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