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When To Call An Electrical Contractor To Troubleshoot Your Electrical Issue

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Constantly having electrical problems at home? Before you proceed to troubleshoot them yourself, it is very essential for you to be aware what could a layman solve themselves, and what may require the skills of a professional electrician.

If you’re experiencing more serious electrical problems, definitely don’t try to fix it by yourself, and immediately call an electrical contractor in Singapore for help.


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When fixing any electrical issue, it is common knowledge throughout residential and commercial areas that you should first correctly identify the root cause of the problem. Most of the time, such problems initially occur as the electrical installation is not properly done. This happens when you engage in the services of a cheap and unprofessional electrician. Make sure to invest in quality work and only hire certified electrical contractors who knows exactly what they’re doing. As such, you can avoid electrical repairs and replacement in the future.

Call HBD Electrical Contractors For The Following Electrical Problems

Most electrical problems should always be inspected by experienced electrical contractors. Meddling with such issues can aggravate the problem further and incur more costs in the future. Ensure that you know which of these electrical problems requires the skills of electrical contractors by looking through the following:

  • Flickering Lights: Experiencing flickering lights in your home? Your electrical wiring might be having a bad connection. This kind of issue is generally called a “fault” or a “short circuit.” This kind of problem needs the expertise and skills of licensed electrical contractors in Singapore. They will be able to tend to your needs as efficiently as they can. Otherwise, if the problem is no tin the wiring, you can try to change the light bulb yourself.
  • Malfunctioning/Broken Electrical Outlets: Sometimes, plugs in your home might eventually fall out of the electrical sockets when in use. This could be the result of an old electrical wiring system that needs upgrading. If so, remember that you are not supposed to do rewiring work by yourself. Electrical jobs like this require the expertise of licensed electrical contractors like Everyworks Electrician Singapore. We pride ourselves in providing quality electrical services that are done in an efficient manner.
  • Continuous or Recurring Breaker Trips: Does your circuit breaker keep tripping after you reset it? Then the problem could be in its electrical wiring. If not, then it is possible that it certain high-wattage electrical appliances are causing the problem. If the problem persists, immediately engage in a professional electrical service in Singapore. Electrical contractors are able to troubleshoot the issue correctly.
  • Outdated Electrical Wiring: Outdated electrical wiring is considered to be one of the main causes of common electrical problems in a household. If you have an outdated wiring then it is high time that you get it replaced. Older homes tend to have knob and tube wiring that is made of aluminium. Call a reliable electrical contractor to replace it as soon as possible to avoid potential danger.
  • Buzzing or Humming Breakers: Once you hear any buzzing or humming sounds from your breakers, do not think twice about calling trusted electrical contractors to look into the problem. Don’t delay this problem as buzzing or humming noise can indicate major electrical problems that need immediate attention.Experiencing any of the problems mentioned above? At Everyworks Singapore, we have a team of dedicated electrical contractors that are able to troubleshoot and fix any electrical problems that you’re facing. We provide genuine workmanship and deliver on quality electrical services. Don’t believe us? Check out our range of previous electrical projects and positive reviews!

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