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Why Does My Toilet Bowl Choke So Often?

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A toilet is a bathroom fixture that is often used at home, so clogs in the toilet bowl can cause extreme inconvenience to the entire family. A toilet clog, also known as toilet bowl choke, is when there is a foreign matter stuck or some complications in the drainage system, causing the toilet difficulties in flushing. Sometimes this may even lead to a backflow of sewage water, flooding the bathroom with sewage waste. This is never ideal.










If you have a toilet at home that clogs often, you will have to understand the causes in order to prevent blockages in the future. Read on and know why toilet bowl choke occurs so often.


Causes of Frequent Toilet Bowl Chokes

Toilet bowl chokes are one of the most common plumbing emergencies a plumber gets called in for. Most people would be annoyed, even frustrated when they encounter the inconvenience of a toilet bowl choke. Most of the time, you can tell a toilet bowl choke is imminent from other signs of common toilet bowl issues. If you find that some plunging of the toilet bowl only temporarily clears the clogged toilet, it is time to find out why your toilet bowl chokes so often, find the root cause, and rectify it.

Some of the causes of the clogged toilets in most Singapore homes include:


  1. Toilet Paper or Kitchen Paper Towel Papers

Toilet bowl choke by toilet paper usually occurs when a large volume of toilet paper is being flushed down at once. If a bulk volume of toilet paper needs to be flushed, be sure to flush in intervals to prevent a toilet bowl choke. Even though kitchen paper towels seem to be made of the same material as toilet paper, do not flush these down the toilet as they are made more impotent to dissolve into the pulpy matter like toilet paper.


  1. Foreign items

The toilet in your Singapore home is designed for the disposal of human wastes and toilet paper only! Other foreign items like diapers, baby wipes, paper towels, tampons, sanitary pads, and so forth, can cause a toilet clog if disposed of using your toilet, as they do not dissolve.











  1. Waste Accumulation

Solid waste can accumulate and cause a blockage, especially when it is dry and in huge amounts, which will obstruct the normal flow of subsequent wastes. When the drainage pipe becomes obstructed, this will develop into a toilet bowl choke. As a general rule of thumb, if there is a large volume of waste that needs to be flushed, be sure to do it in intervals, so that each volume becomes manageable.


  1. Trees or Plants.. or Animals

Trees, plants, or small animals can obstruct the pipes if the pipes are laid underground. It is possible that trees or plants can find their way into the pipes due to their natural instincts to seek out water sources. In Singapore, pipe obstruction by trees or plants occurs more frequently for landed property owners. In some cases, we have also found small rats or cockroaches which died and accumulated in the pan collar, resulting in a toilet bowl choke.












  1. Weak flush

A weak flush can also cause a toilet bowl choke to happen due to its inability to flush down solid wastes. When you notice a weak water pressure, it is time to replace your toilet flush system which provides you with a much stronger flush.











  1. Old toilet

If your toilet is very old (lifespan is usually 20 -30 years old), it probably lacks the pressure that is required for clearing the trap and flushing it efficiently. This can lead to clogs frequently when there is low water pressure for a proper flush. If you are experiencing a low flush pressure, or if the toilet is showing signs of common toilet bowl issues, it is advised to get your toilet bowl replaced.


  1. Blocked plumbing vent

Toilets used today have roof vents for directing fresh air into the plumbing system and increasing flushing pressure. Such vents, over time, maybe clogged with outdoor debris like animal nests, sticks, leaves etc, which is one of the most common residential emergencies in Singapore. When the toilet vent is blocked, it can lower the pressure of flushing and result in toilet clogs regularly. One of the best clogged toilet solutions is to get hire a plumber to clear the vents. It can be tough to detect blockages in sensitive plumbing, and you need special tools for removal.


  1. Sewer line problems

Generally, regular clogging of the drains and toilets occurs due to problems in the sewer pipe. Clogged toilets usually are a result of over-accumulation of human waste together with non-flushable items and toilet paper. It is also possible that the sewer lines be punctured by tree roots, allowing the entry of sediment, etc that can act as debris. Problems in the sewer lines can result in issues in your home as well as outside, and also ruin your family’s health. With a professional plumber, you can unclog a toilet bowl choke easily.

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