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Unclog Toilet Bowl Choke

If your toilet bowl doesn’t flush and water is rapidly collecting in your toilet bowl, you are facing a toilet bowl choke.
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Wash Basin Choke

A wash basin choke is sometimes also related to a toilet bowl choke, due to its drainage pipes being blocked. If you face these symptoms, give us a call!
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Floor Trap Choke

You may have a very serious pipe choke issue when even your floor trap choke is occurring simultaneously with a sink choke and toilet bowl choke. It’s best to call an emergency plumber soon, before its gets even worse.
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Toilet bowl chokes are not that uncommon when you are dealing in the plumbing industry. Ever wonder how many toilet bowl choke cases are there in a single day in Singapore? Hundreds and sometimes thousands. How would you feel when you wake up to an emergency toilet bowl choke? Other than being puzzled as to why the choke happened in the first place, you will realise that it would definitely be a headache to get rid of the choke. A clogged toilet can make any Singapore home really inconvenient for its residents especially if you only have one toilet at home.

A toilet bowl choke can be a very inconvenient situation due to a myriad number of reasons. Based on our plumber’s experiences, most of these chokes are mostly due to foreign objects, but we will go into the details later into the article. There are also a variety of objects that leads to chokes, from a sanitary pad to even a household pet.

For this reason, it is important that you carry out regular cleaning and maintenance on your toilet as well as exercise due care to not let any foreign object be flush into the system. The general guideline is that any objects that do not belong in the toilet bowl must not be in it. However, if you do get a toilet bowl choke, do not fear or panic. Calling a professional plumber in Singapore can help to fix the issue.

Causes of Toilet Bowl Choke

Ever wondered what most toilet bowl chokes are caused by? When it comes to plumbing, you will always expect the unexpected. Some of these items can be mind boggling as to why it got into the system in the first place, while some can be deduced logically. Without further ado, some of the causes of clogged toilet in most Singapore home include:

  1. Toilet Paper

Toilet bowl choke by toilet paper usually occurs when residents at home are in the habit of cleaning with toilet paper after using the toilet. When used in large volume and if not properly flushed or disposed, it will block the drainage and bring about a toilet bowl choke.

  1. Foreign items

The toilet in your Singapore home is designed for disposing wastes and toilet paper. Other foreign items like diapers, baby wipes, paper towels, tampons, sanitary pads, and so forth, can cause a toilet clog if disposed using your toilet, as they do not dissolve.

  1. Waste Accumulation

Solid waste can accumulate and cause a blockage, especially when it is dry and in huge amount, which will obstruct the normal flow of subsequent wastes. When the drainage pipe become obstructed, this will develop into a toilet bowl choke.

  1. Trees or Plants

Trees and plants can obstruct the pipes if the pipes are laid underground. It is possible that trees or plants can find their way into the pipes due to its natural instincts to seek out water sources. In Singapore, pipe obstruction by trees or plants occur more frequently for landed property owners.

  1. Weak flush


A weak flush can also cause a choke to happen due to its inability to flush down solid wastes. When you have a weak flusher, you may want to replace your toilet bowl tank with a new one that provides a much stronger flush, so that that you would not need to worry about a toilet bowl choke.

  1. Weak flush

A weak flush can also cause a choke to happen due to its inability to flush down solid wastes. When you have a weak flusher, you may want to replace your toilet bowl tank with a new one that provides a much stronger flush, so that that you would not need to worry about a toilet bowl choke.

Tips to prevent toilet bowl choke

There are certain toilet etiquettes that can help you with preventing toilet bowl choke which it would be best to follow.

  • Differentiate between what is flushable and what isn’t

As a homeowner, you must know what can be flush down the toilet drain and what would likely cause a clogged toilet if flush down. Things such as facial wipes, napkins, paper towels, hair and many more are non-flushable materials. These items do not disintegrate inside water, which will eventually clog up the drainage pipe, causing a choke. If it is hard to identify what is not flushable, just remember that you can only flush wastes, be it solid or liquid, and toilet paper only. Keep to this golden rule and your toilet bowl will be choke-free.

  • Practice proper flushing

What we mean by proper flushing is to only flush when the amount in the toilet bowl does not seem to be overflowing. For example, when cleaning up after using the toilet, do not use an excessive amount of toilet paper (i.e. enough to fill the toilet bowl to the brim) as these can ball up with your waste and only dissolves the outer layer, eventually causing a build-up down the drainage pipe. Use only what is necessary, but if you need to use excess, you can choose to flush the toilet at least twice during cleaning.

  • Keep your toilet tank clear

Keeping your toilet tank clear of items is vital in preventing a toilet bowl clog. You will never know when the items on the toilet tank may or may not fall into the toilet bowl. But on the off chance that it does, it will increase the likelihood of toilet bowl choke.

  • Address weak flush early

As mentioned above, a weak flush could cause the drainage pipe to clog, which will lead to a choke. But do you know that if your toilet flush is strong, but the flushing of the waste seems weak, it is a clear indication that there is a clog forming inside the drainage pipes. So, it is important to notice such signs and work towards solving it. If it is too complicated to handle, always look for a professional and reliable plumber that can look into the weak flushing issues.

  • Educate your children

If you have a child at home, it would be best to educate him/her about the dos and don’ts when using the toilet. On top of potty training when young, as they grow older, it is good to educate them on what can or cannot be flushed down the toilet. This will not only prevent any possible toilet bowl chokes, but also provide them with life skills which they can keep for life.

In the unfortunate event that you do encounter a toilet bowl choke, you may want to attempt to salvage the situation yourself. Many a times, the choke is likely to be in the early stage. Even an amateur relying on YouTube tutorials is able to unclog the toilet bowl choke.

Ways to unclog a toilet bowl choke

Sometimes the toilet bowl choke may be minor enough for you to take action on your own and attempt to resolve the issue. So, taking into account that you may want to attempt to resolve such issues, here are some way you can try to unclog a toilet bowl choke:

  • Using a plunger

Once you notice a toilet bowl choke in your home, and if you want to attempt to solve the issue yourself, the most likely idea that comes to mind would be to make use of a plunger. The first thing to do is to turn off the water supply to the toilet. This will prevent water to overflow out of the toilet bowl. After turning off the supply, you can begin working with a plunger. The plunger will help loosen up the foreign object that is responsible for the clogged toilet. Using a plunger requires some time and effort if the clog is stubborn, so it is important to work on it for at least 15 to 20 good plunges.

  • Enzyme waste removal product

If you suspect that the choke might be mostly due to waste materials, you may use enzyme waste material products to salvage the situation. Enzyme waste material products contains a mixture of enzyme that liquify waste materials. Upon getting a hold of the product, follow the instruction on the container and pour the recommended amount into the toilet bowl. You will usually have to wait overnight for the enzymes to work on the clog, and the toilet should drain after the clog has been removed.

  • Use homemade drain cleaner

On the topic of suspected choke due to waste, you can make use of recipes you can find online to concoct your own homemade drain cleaner. Most recipes should basically contain hot water, baking soda & vinegar. Make sure to prepare about 2 litres of the concoction in order for it to have enough pressure to push through to the clog. Let the concoction work its magic overnight, and it should clear the clog of any organic waste the next morning.

  • Plumbing snake

A plumbing snake is used to handle those tough and stubborn clog, mostly for inorganic clogs. It is a flexible coil of wire that can find its way through the structure of the drainage pipe, thus the term plumbing snake. Most plumbers make use of a plumbing snake called ‘closet auger’, which is the top of the line plumbing snake. The goal of the plumbing snake is to probe the clog, causing it to collapse and breakdown into smaller size so that the drainage can flow.

  • Wire coat hanger

If you suspect that the clog is only a few meters away, you can attempt to unravel the clog with a wire coat hanger. You will first have to find a wire coat hanger to unravel and straighten it before wrapping a rag at the end of the wire with duct tape to prevent any sharp end from damaging the porcelain toilet bowl.

  • Chemical drain cleaner

Chemical drain cleaners are considered a last resort. The chemical drain cleaner works in the same way as an enzyme waste material product but much stronger to breakdown seriously stubborn organic wastes. It is very toxic to people and pets, corrosive to pipes, and chlorinated drain cleaner can be very damaging to the environment. Always follow the manufacturer’s instruction and keep the lid down to prevent toxic fumes from filling the bathroom. Ensure that the room is well ventilated to prevent inhalation of the chemicals.

  • Use a wet/dry vacuum cleaner

You may want to attempt to clear the choke with a vacuum cleaner. A wet/dry vacuum cleaner can cope with water unlike the conventional vacuum cleaner. The main objective of the vacuum cleaner is to suck out the clog in the toilet. But this can only be done after the water has been sucked out, thus the need for the vacuum cleaner to be able to handle wet conditions. Once the water has been vacuumed out, you will have to form a seal around the drainage with a towel in order to suck out the clog.

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