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How To Deal With A Sink Choke

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Having a clogged or choked sink at home is not the most ideal situation one wants to be in. Due to the frequent use of kitchen sinks and toilet wash basins, a choked sink is one of the most common residential plumbing emergencies. If you are unable to clear the sink choke yourself, you might want to call an emergency plumber to help you quickly resolve the plumbing issue.



Types of Sink Chokes








  • Kitchen Sink Choke

Out of all the clogged sink chokes we have seen, kitchen sink chokes have always been more common than toilet sink chokes. This is mostly because there are more chances for kitchen sinks to get clogged due to its varying uses compared to a toilet sink.













  • Toilet Sink Choke

The biggest reason for toilet sink chokes, or water draining too slowly in a wash basin, is hair. When shaving over the sink, or trying to wash hair fall down the sink, it will prove too much to handle for the small sink drain pipes and it will get choked easily. Other common toiletries that can be culprits are q-tips or cotton buds, tissue paper, and contact lenses.














Why Sinks Get Clogged

Kitchen sinks and toilet sinks are the ones that usually get clogged over the years of careless usage, though drain and floor traps also experience the same thing. Knowing the causes of such clogging could be the best way to avoid it from happening. Below are what causes the usual clogging of your sinks.



Food is the top reason why a kitchen sink drain chokes. It is good practice to remove as much food debris as possible into the trash, instead of down your sink. Sinks usually have bottle traps to catch large particles to be caught in order to keep it out of the pipe system, but that does not mean we get to abuse this precautionary installation. Over time, these bottle traps will get full, it will eventually cause congestion, making the kitchen sink drain pipes clogged.



Grease makes up a majority of plumbing choke cases. Oily liquids will solidify once it is cool and would clog up your drain pipes. Over time, grease creates a sticky build-up in the pipes that traps and collects other debris washed down the pipe, like food waste and other particles or dirt. This type of clog is hard to resolve with DIY methods, and if not resolved properly, it will easily develop again.



Hair clogs are mostly found in bathroom sinks and drain. The accumulation of the hair can be mixed with the sludge in the pipes over time. This will develop into a solid ball of mass that clogs the sinks.


Grooming items

Aside from hair, grooming items can also cause toilet sink clogs. Cotton swabs, tissue papers, or even cotton balls and other common household items used for grooming which may have accidentally fallen and trapped in the toilet sink can cause its choking.


Small objects

Small objects can be anything ranging from children toys to bolts & screws that somehow found its way into the sink drainage system. These items often go undetected until a clog happens. When mixed with other clog-inducing items, it will eventually cause full blockage.











How to Prevent Clogs in Sinks

There is always no harm in preventing drain chokes before it turns into a huge problem. There are many ways to save money on plumbing and even ways to save water in your bathroom. It pays off to keep in mind these tips to prevent the sink from getting clogged or choked:

  • Always use a drain strainer when doing the dishes. This will enable any food waste to be trapped on the drain strainer and prevent it from going down the drain pipes.
  • When disposing of used oil or grease, do not pour it down the sink but instead wait for the hot oil or grease to cool, then pour it into a sealable bag and dispose of it.
  • Keep a habit of pouring boiling water down the kitchen sink drain once a week. This will melt any grease or oil that may have amassed inside the pipes. Do note to take special precautions when handling boiling water to avoid splashing and burning yourself.
  • For bathroom sinks, regularly clean the collected debris on the hair catcher or drain stopper. as hair, soap residues, and other foreign objects can gather on the stoppers of the sink which can contribute to slow drainage and clogging.









  • Make use of enzyme cleaning agents, which you can get from local supermarkets, on a monthly basis. These cleaning agents contain natural enzymes and bacteria that can remove build-up in the pipe system.
  • Employ the help of drain screens, like drain strainers. It serves as an object-catcher that catches any waste materials such as hair, soap residues and foreign wash-offs that are may be too big for the drain or may cause a build-up in the drain.
  • If there’s any painting to be done at home, never dispose of the leftover paint or paint thinner down the drain as this will contribute greatly to clogs.













Solving Clogged Sink issues

If you want to put an end to all your worries caused by a clogged or choked sink, here are a couple of things that can help you do the right thing.


  • Plungers

First, make sure that you try and plunge the drain. Take your plunger and place it over the blocked drain. Use a downward motion to loosen up the problem. You need to take the plunger and use it on the drain many times until it gets sorted out or drained. However, you shouldn’t do it too many times in order to see a result.


  • Chemicals

If the choke is due to grease or food waste, there may be a possibility of using clogged drain home remedies like chemicals, vinegar, or even hot boiling water to dissolve the grease.


  • Plumbing Snake


Next, using a plumbing snake or placing a wire down the drain can also help to unclog the sink. With its use, you may dislodge whatever is trapped inside.


  • Contact A Plumber


For a quick and convenient solution to your plumbing problems, finding a reliable plumber is the easiest and most cost-effective way. Good thing that Everyworks Singapore is more than reliable to fix any of your plumbing issues, on top of resolving sink chokes and clogs. Because it employs experienced and trained plumbers, it can handle all sorts of plumbing work.




Call a Professional Plumber

At Everyworks Singapore, we provide professional clearing of clogged sinks with the use of professional plumbing tools to clear stubborn chokes. With a proven track record and professional experience, we have solved thousands of cases of clogged sink issues.


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