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The Most Common Faucet Problems

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We have listed a few of the most common faucet problems that our plumbers regularly encounter. Regular cleaning and maintenance of your taps and faucets is key to avoiding such issues. When the time comes, however, it is always best to hire a reliable plumber to help you solve your plumbing issues quickly and expertly.


Absence Of Running Water

Though lack or absence of running water is a common problem in older faucets, newer faucet models can experience it as well. Though more modern faucets are better at preventing residue and avoiding blockages, sediments can still build up inside them over time. To solve this, examine the shut-off valve to see if it’s open. If so, make sure that each faucet chamber is cleansed properly so your water can run properly again.










Leaky Faucet

One of the most troublesome things anyone can experience is having a leaking tap. You can usually detect a leakage from your faucet from under the handle, at the base of the spout, from the aerator, and from the spray head. Normally, the location of the tap leak is easily discovered; but the root issue of this issue, is not. Should this occur, immediately contact a professional tap contractor to resolve the tap leak as soon as possible.


Unusual Faucet Noises

Faucet noises can consist of anything from whistling to chattering, which should alarm you to a plumbing issue that heeds immediate attention.  However the noise sounds like, it can definitely be irritating to one’s ears. A loose washer may be causing this, but if fixing it fails to solve the problem, make sure to immediately contact a professional faucet contractor to examine your plumbing.












Decreased Water Pressure

It’s most likely that low pressure in your faucet occurred after the faucet installation process or after your tap was replaced. In the case of the former, you can always get the person who installed your tap to fix it. On the other hand, if you happened to install it yourself, you can contact a faucet contractor.


In situations where the water pressure suddenly dropped in an existing faucet, the cause may be traced to limescale buildup within your faucet or problems with your overall water supply. To be certain, make sure to check any other water sources you have to determine the actual cause. For any tap and plumbing issues, don’t hesitate to contact a reputable faucet repair company to get your water pressure problems solved quickly.









Poor Faucet Installation

In most cases, faucet issues can result from faulty tap installation. Many times it is because of DIY mistakes, or the tap was not correctly installed by the supplier. As a result, some might face a leaking tap or low water pressure soon after installation. several problems ensue such as water leakage or low water pressure. To prevent any such problems, it is best to contact a professional plumber to install your faucet for you.










Rust Formation

Rust forming on the surface of your faucet is  not a good sign. If the rust problem is severe, it is best to avoid drinking from your tap since water quality may be compromised. Age and wear and tear mostly causes this and the best way to solve it is to replace your faucet with a more rust-resistant faucet.


Bidet Spray Malfunction

Bidet sprays have been known to leak, whether from the spray head or the flexible hose. Limescale can also build up on its parts due to the calcium deposits in the water supply. If this happens to be the case, soak your tap in vinegar to cleanse it. If your sprayer continues to malfunction in any way, don’t hesitate to contact us and check out the prices of the different plumbing services we offer to solve whatever issues are present.


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