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Signs Your Tap Needs To Be Replaced

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It’s not uncommon for people to experience a leaking tap. When this happens, you can either repair your tap by yourself or you can seek assistance from professional plumbers who can ensure that no mistakes are made during the tap replacement process. Here are some of the signs your tap needs replacement.











Rusty Tap & Low Water Pressure

If you see rust present in your water supply or the outside finishing of your tap, you need to have your taps replaced as they are too worn and torn to be useful. This would usually lead to inconsistent tap water flow, low water pressure, as well as the other tap replacement signs below.









Stiff Faucet Handles

New taps and faucets are recommended to be installed because it is assured that there are no flaws to be seen, like a stiff faucet handle. If you find yourself needing to exert a bit more force to turn on the tap, or face resistance while trying to control the water flow, it is better to replace than to repair. Most of the time, this symptom is also accompanied with noise.


Noise From Faucet

If you notice that your kitchen sink tap  or bathroom tap makes a screeching or squealing noise while turning it on, it’s possible that your tap handle or tap body is damaged. Limescale accumulation due to calcium deposits on your tap may be causing the friction. Some cleaning and maintenance should do the trick, but If it still does not work, contact a professional tap installer to help with your new tap replacement.










Leaking Tap

If your tap is leaking even after closing the tap as tightly as you could, then it is a problem that your plumber needs to address immediately. If left unchecked, a leaking tap can consume up to 3,000 gallons a year! In most cases, tightening the tap handle may help to stop the problem temporarily, but it almost usually always comes back. For a more long-term solution, it is best to consider a tap replacement.



Faulty Tap Washers

Most of the common tap issues can be traced back to faulty tap washers. Tap washers are notoriously falling into disrepair easily, which accounts for many of the tap repairs in Singapore. Finding a tap washer of the right dimensions for your specific tap can also be tricky and laborious. Such low-quality tap washers are found in older generation faucets, or low-quality tap brands.


To permanently solve this problem, make sure to choose a reliable tap product to install. Designer tap brands like Grohe taps are supplied with ceramic washers to ensure long-lasting durability.


It is always best to replace your washer as soon as it wears out since it indicates that other parts of your tap need to be replaced as well.











Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Tap cleaning and maintenance is essential to prevent most common tap issues from happening, and helps you to save money on plumbing repairs. Whenever you do encounter a serious tap problem, don’t hesitate to contact a professional plumber to get your faucet running properly once more. For more information, check out the prices of our plumbing services.


Now that you’re aware of the common signs your tap needs to be replaced, you can now ensure it gets fixed as quickly as possible. Holding off any needed water tap replacement would only worsen things after all. In that case, reach out to Everyworks Singapore to help you choose the most appropriate bathroom faucet or kitchen faucet for you as well as to help with the tap installation. Once your taps are installed, don’t forget to maintain them to prevent further problems in the future.

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