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Things to Look Out for When Getting An Aircon Installation Done

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For those residing in tropical areas, getting an air conditioner installed is extremely vital. But before purchasing a well-functioning air conditioner, it’s important to consult with professional aircon servicing companies in order to know which aircon system is best for you. In line with that, the following are guidelines to remember when planning an aircon installation in your home:


Make sure to choose the best aircon type for you.


There exist various types of air conditioners available for purchase, the most common of which are wall-mounted models and window units. Needless to say, wall-mounted aircon (such as the CU-PS9UKZ / CS-PS9UKZ) are affixed to the wall while also being connected to a source on the other side. Though they are costlier to purchase, they are more affordable to maintain in the long term. On the other hand, window units are smaller, more mobile, and can be installed without any assistance.

To help you decide which aircon type is more suitable for your home, don’t hesitate to seek guidance from professional aircon services.


When buying an aircon, consider the size and function of its location.


In order to determine how much power your aircon needs to have, make sure to consider the size and function of the room where it needs to be used. For instance, kitchens are usually warmer compared to other areas of your home and therefore require higher-powered aircon (such as the CU-4XS30UBZ / CS-MXS9UKZ X3 / CS-MXS18UKZ).

Normally, professionals recommend around 5,000 BTUs for every 150 square feet of space. This standard can help you decide whether you require an aircon with a higher BTU rating or a lower one. However, should you still face difficulty in choosing an aircon, then don’t hesitate to seek assistance from professional aircon services.


Consider your aircon’s electricity consumption cost.

There’s no doubt that doing multiple aircon installations in your home is greatly convenient. That said, owning more than one aircon can be extremely expensive since it can cost as much as $150 a month for each unit in terms of electricity prices. So when purchasing an aircon, make sure to consider the unit’s energy efficiency ratio to determine how much it will cost in electricity consumption. Feel free to also be guided by tips for aircon energy savings.


Always take advantage of extra services and offers.

The total price for an aircon installation usually includes the installation cost as well as the cost for some customary enhancements and offers. These can consist of upgrades, service packages, maintenance offers, and other bonuses. Since these additional services are often available only for a certain period, it would be wise to avail them in order to save money in the long term and to reduce liability in case your unit requires aircon servicing.


Only seek help from recommended aircon installers.


Once you’ve decided which type and brand of aircon to purchase, avoid seeking assistance from amateur aircon installers in setting up your unit. Instead, it’s best to consult with friends and family about what factors to consider in coordinating with a good aircon maintenance company. That way, you can be able to facilitate a professional aircon installation for your unit.


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