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Common HDB Aircon Installation Mistakes You Should Avoid

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Aircons have undoubtedly benefited most Singaporean homeowners. Besides providing comfort, they allow many to fulfill household tasks easily. But while some residents engage a professional aircon maintenance company to install their unit for them, others prefer to install their aircon on their own. In doing so, they often tend to disregard HDB guidelines and end up causing common aircon issues to take place.

In order for your aircon installation to be done properly, make sure to avoid the following HDB aircon installation mistakes:


Not Maintaining Clean Indoor Air

Be it a Daikin aircon or Mitsubishi aircon, all aircon units serve to enhance comfort by improving indoor air quality. Even so, it’s still important that you ensure your indoor air quality’s freshness before installing a new aircon No matter how much you maintain and clean your aircon, pollutants can still heavily affect the quality of air being distributed. Besides that, they are strongly dangerous to breathe in. For your indoor air to be as clean and fresh as possible, make sure to dispose of any rotten materials which may be causing your residential or commercial, and industrial aircon to release odor.


Ignoring Refrigerant Leaks


If you feel that your aircon is not cold enough or doesn’t function properly after being installed, you’ll need to check if your refrigerants have incurred any aircon leaks. Like aircon water leaks, refrigerant leaks can affect not only your unit’s performance, but can cause decreased aircon energy savings too. Moreover, accidents and hazards can occur if they’re not resolved immediately.

Refrigerant leaks can take place due to many factors such as loose seals or air pollutants. Should you experience a refrigerant leak, make sure to engage an aircon service to replace or fix your refrigerants for you.


Hiring Unskilled Aircon Servicemen

Because they’re unaware of the many professional aircon maintenance companies in the market, most homeowners end up hiring unskilled servicemen to set up their home or office aircon. As such, they end up facing various aircon emergencies and are forced to spend excessively on aircon repairs. So to make sure that your unit is installed correctly and doesn’t malfunction, have it set up by a company with good aircon servicing.


Purchasing an Undersized or Oversized Unit


A lot of homeowners end up installing aircons that are either undersized or oversized. An aircon may not be cold enough and comfortable enough especially during warm weather if it’s too small. Meanwhile, a unit that is too big can result in too much coldness and can make it hard for you to fulfill certain tasks. To determine what aircon size is most appropriate for you, make sure to seek assistance from a company that provides regular aircon servicing.



In order to prevent any mistakes during your aircon installation, feel free to contact Everyworks Singapore. Our team of professionals can conduct professional aircon installation services for you so that your unit works optimally and lasts for a long period of time. To know more about our servicing costs, make sure to view our price list.


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